GiffGaff End The Nightmare Music Box

U.K. mobile brand Giffgaff has launched “The Music Box”, the latest in a series of Halloween-themed commercials. The GiffGaff End The Nightmare commercial compares the classic two-year phone contract to being being trapped in a nightmare. A woman is caught up in a series of horror moments after she sets the dial on her music box to two years. Her nightmare sequence is inspired by various horror films, including the recent Netflix series “Stranger Things”. She encounters zombies, a vampire, a creepy bride in a hotel corridor, a car without a driver, and her is head served up on a plate at a feast. Giffgaff is making the most of the Halloween season with digital elements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. A Giffgaff End the Nightmare pop-up Halloween salon was opened on November 28 in Soho, London, offering face painting and zombification for parties.

Giffgaff End The Nightmare

GiffGaff End The Nightmare Credits

The GiffGaff End The Nightmare campaign was developed in-house at GiffGaff by head of advertising Abi Pearl, chief marketing officer Ashley Schofield, creative director Tom Rainsford, producer Tacy Stokes, and production assistant Robert Henry.

Filming was shot by director Tom Rainsford via Riff Raff Films with director of photography Ben Magahy, art director Simon Davis, executive producer Matt Fone, producer Gwilym Gwillim, hair and make up artists Ashley Mae Palmer and Cliff Wallace, costume designer Jeffery Michael,

Editor was Tim Hardy at Stitch Editing. Visual effects were produced at Big Buoy.

Digital work was by Big DB.