Fujitsu Digital Transformations

Fujitsu is continuing their focus on human centric innovation and digital transformation with Digital Transformations, a commercial using a mixture of front and back projections, 3D projection mapping and a state-of-the-art holographic projection technique. Found, a London-based film company, had the challenge of creating a film with a multitude of characters and locations as well as visual effects and animation, all within the confines of a 32ft sq white cube. All VFX and animations in the film were shot entirely in-camera, using various projection techniques. ‘Holo-gauze’ was used for all the info-graphics. This is a virtually transparent projection gauze that, under the correct lighting conditions, can create the effect of 3D holograms. Working with Projection Artworks, the team created a new and unique viewing angle for each individual shot. The end result brings together a father connecting remotely with his children’s dietary choices, a retail shopping experience, a farmer monitoring livestock, keeping remote workers safe, and making city traffic fluid.

Fujitsu Digital Transformations

Fujitsu Digital Transformations Credits

The Fujitsu Digital Transformations campaign was developed at mcgarrybowen by creative directors Jane Briers and Dave Cornmell, and agency producer Kate Banks.

Filming was shot by director Mike Sharpe via Found with producers Ian Walker and Sean Stuart, director of photography Marcus Domleo, 1st AD James Dyer, production designer Oliver Hogan, and stylist Emma-Jayne Savill. Animation was produced at Found by art director/lead animator Tom Geraedts, animators Tom Langton, Richard Hallsworth, Jim Campbell, Abel Reverter, Marcus Chaloner, Daniel Burke, Andy Evans, matte painter Tim Holleyman, storyboard artist Johann Auroux, and editor Tom Starr.

Projection technology was by Projection Artworks. Holo-gauze was by Stuart Warren-Hill at Holotronica.

Colourist was George K at MPC.

Sound was designed and mixed at Jungle Studios by Owen Griffiths. Music was produced at Native.