Evian Baby Bay

French bottled water brand evian has launched a new advertising campaign in the Live Young series, bringing back the babies to make their mark on the surfing scene. “Evian Baby Bay”, the commercial at the heart of the campaign, shows a surfer (Robin Clive) being out-surfed and out-classed by six months old surfers. The surfer falls while taking a wave, is dragged onto the beach, and wakes to find stylish, cool and incredibly young surfers. He discovers their fountain of youth – the beach kiosk serving nothing but evian water. Staying true to the “Live young” signature, the film reaffirms evian’s vision of youth: a positive and universal value and an openness to the world and the unexpected, regardless of age. Viewers are encouraged to visit the campaign website at babybay.evian.com

Evian Baby Bay surfer

Evian Baby Surf Virtual Reality

Evian Baby Surf, a virtual reality application run in partnership with Quiksilver, presents a fun and outlandish immersive 360° experience inside a wave. Put yourself in the shoes – or rather the wetsuit – of a baby and perform some iconic surfing moves. The app is available on Google and Apple app stores.

evian Baby Surf app

Evian Baby Bay Outdoors

The evian Baby Bay outdoor campaign features six models and their baby doppelgängers, including fashion model Gigi Hadid alongside Adrian, Jackson, Lotta, Matteo and Yohann. Packs and bottles display images of baby surfers along with their adult versions as they would have looked before drinking evian. A collector’s bottle that reveals the “babyfied” reflection of the film’s hero through the water is being distributed in large retailers and convenient stores.

Evian Gigi OOH billboard
Evian Gigi OOH billboard
Evian Jackson OOH billboard
Evian Lotta OOH billboard
Evian Matteo OOH billboard
Evian Yohann OOH billboard
Evian Baby Bay Surfer Bottles

evian x colette

Parisian concept store Colette is stocking three baby surfer t-shirts, as well as special edition flip-flops for adults that leave a baby footprint in the sand.

Evian Baby Bay Surfer tshirt
Evian Baby Bay Surfer tshirt
Evian Baby Bay Surfer tshirt
Evian Baby Bay Surfer flip flops
Evian Baby Bay Surfer flip flops in sand

And one last message from the baby crab you’ll meet on the babybay.evian.com hub: don’t leave your bottle on the beach. Remember that evian bottles are recyclable.

evian surf recycling message
Evian Baby Bay Bar
Evian Baby Bay Bartender
Evian Baby Bay Music

Evian Baby Bay Credits

The Evian Babies Surfing campaign was developed at BETC Paris by creative director Rémi Babinet, copywriter Valérie Chidlovsky, art directors (film & OOH) Agnès Cavard and Félix Falzon (assistant), copywriter (hub & community development) Gullit Baku, art directors (hub & community development) Mathilde Fallot and Gabrielle Debeuret, social media strategist Tom Aguilar, agency producers Fabrice Brovelli and Marine Monbeig (assistant), art buyer Isabelle Mocq-Orain, agency managers Marielle Durandet, Gaelle Gicqueau, Charlotte Bals, Fanny Buisseret, Adeline Belin, Sophie Lourdelle, media strategist Martine Picard.

Media was handled at Group M.

Filming was shot by director James Rouse via Wanda Productions and Outsider with producer Laurent Seigneur and editor Bill Smedley at Work Post.

Visual effects were produced at Mikros Image by VFX supervisor Laurent Creusot, 3D lead Antoine Carlon, VFX producer Pascal Giroux, VFX coordinator Nicolas Huguet, conform artist Théo Pizard-Jean, editor Sam Danesi, modelling team Thomas Haas, Juliette Sniter, texture artist Melina Milcent, animation supervisor Alexandre Sauthier, animation team Anne Chatelain, Augustin Palliard, Michaël Nauzin, lighting team Guillaume Parra, Emily Merpillat, Mathias Barday, clothing team Damien Samper, Emmanule Denis, Romain Carlier, FX artist David Roubah, compositing team Julien Martins, Marielle Santens, Sebastien Podsialo, rotoscope team Laurent Harambillet, Julien Mallot, Olivier Cossu, tracking team Yvan Galtié, Stéphane Richez, and Datalab team Léa Latassa, Jean-Martin Mossu, Pauline Roy.

Colourist was George K at MPC London.

Out of Home work was by photographer Benni Valsson, produced at Rita.

The app was designed by agency Versus Fully Tailored Creation.

Sound was designed at Factory, London. Music was produced at GUM and BETC Pop, supervised by Christophe Caurret.

Music, “Kokomo”, was performed by Lilly Wood And The Prick.

Evian vinyl Bebe
Evian music posters