EDEKA Time as Gift for Christmas

EDEKA, the German retail chain, is following on from the impact of the 2015 Home For Christmas campaign with “Zeitschenken” (Time), an integrated advertising campaign calling on people to focus on spending time with family and friends over the Christmas season. At the heart of the EDEKA Time campaign is “Müssen” (Have To), a commercial dramatising a song of the same name, presenting parents whose distraction from their children is finally addressed. Edeka’s Zeitschenken campaign, online at, includes time gift vouchers to all those who wish to give away their time at Christmas. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a tasty meal for two, each and every wish can be entered individually on the reverse of the gift vouchers. From the sales proceeds, 30 cents will be donated to the ‘One Heart for Children’ initiative, supporting various projects for children and young people, including the tabaluga-house ‘Gut Dietlhofen’ of the Peter Maffay Foundation. Edeka is also offering a digital advent calendar, a chatbot on Facebook, and a competition on Facebook and Instagram focused on spending time with loved ones.

EDEKA Time for Christmas commercial


Muss noch jenes und irgendwas
Muss noch hier, muss noch da
Und muss noch viel viel mehr..
Bla bla bla
Ich muss mich nach ‘nem Tannenbaum umschau’n
Ich muss noch Einkaufen und alles hübsch verstauen
Ich muss die Dinge wie sie müssen überschauen
Und muss auf jeden Fall noch die Winterreifen draufhauen
Ich muss die aller aller coolsten Plätzchen backen
Ich muss noch auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt versacken.
Ich hab so viele Termine im Nacken
Und muss noch Deko auf’s Hausdach packen

Muss nicht dies, muss nicht das
Muss nicht jenes und nicht irgendwas
Ich muss nur eines, wie ich find
Für dich da sein, mein Kind

Still need that, still need this
Can’t have anything amiss
Still need stuff from every store
Still need to do so, so much more
Blah blah blah
Still need a tree, by choice today
Still need gifts to stow away
I need to make sure all is right
And bolt the winter tyres on tight
Still need to bake the coolest cakes
And trudge through markets till I ache
My to-do list will never stop
The Christmas lights aren’t even up.

Don’t need that, don’t need this,
Don’t mind if anything’s amiss.
One thing makes it all worthwhile:
That’s being here for you my child
The best gift is time spent with you.

EDEKA Time Credits

The EDEKA Zeitschenken campaign was developed at Jung von Matt/Alster, with agency producer Jankel Adam Huppertz.

Filming was produced at Fox Devil Films, Hamburg, and shot in South Africa by Velocity Films director Greg Gray with producer Helena Woodfine.

Post production was done at DELI Creative Collective, Hamburg, by producers Edith Herrmann and Christoph Stingel, colourist Rainer Bültert, compositing team Gordon Fischer and Patrick Firmansyah, and sound designer Stephan Radom.

Music is “Müssen” by Kai Lüftner and Till Sahm from their album Rotz ‘n’ Roll Radio, sung by Antje Schomaker, produced through White Horse Music and licensed through Tinseltown Music Productions.