Don’t Forget to Remember – Words of Wisdom

Remember A Charity Week (12th -18th September), a project of Institute of Fundraising, encourages people in the UK to consider leaving a charitable gift in their will. This year they have invited people to share their words of wisdom, using a quote generator at the website, along with the hashtag #mywisdom on social media. Aardman Animation has produced an animated short film, Don’t Forget to Remember, using words of wisdom, building on the concept of legendary sayings passed from one generation to another. The campaign also includes out of home posters and social media.

Don't Forget To Remember

Nothing is Impossible - Don't Forget To Remember poster
The hand of giving is greater than the hand of receiving - Don't Forget To Remember poster
Age is just a number - Don't Forget To Remember poster
Different is beautiful - Don't Forget To Remember poster
Live like someone left the gate open - Don't Forget To Remember poster
Leave footprints worth following - Don't Forget To Remember poster

Don’t Forget to Remember Credits

The Don’t Forget to Remember campaign was developed at Atomic London by executive creative director Guy Bradbury, creative director/art director/designer Pete Mould, creative director/copywriter Brian Riley, creative director/art director Matt Lee, agency executive producer Rob Steiner, planning director Richard Hill, business lead Will Frew, account director Mimi Madell, project manager Nick Ting.

Animation was produced at Aardman by director Magdalena Osinska, producer Nick Miller, illustrators Lucy Izzard, Asa Lucander, Bram Ttwheam, Dan Binns, Danny Capozzi, Darren Dubicki, Gavin Strange, Peter Peake, Rich Webber, Steve Harding Hill, Tim Ruffle, Will Studd, animator Jane Davies, compositor Alex King, editor Dan Hembery, and sound designer Laura Izzard.

Music was composed by Jean-Marc Petsas. Voice artist is Ian McMillan.

Don’t Forget To Remember Script

We are hungry learners with voracious appetites
From the moment we’re born
We gobble up information with delight

With every new situation
We eat, we grow
We’re ever so big on all the stuff that we know

This ability to remember
And repeat
Has lead us to our greatest retreat

We sniff out their weakness, we exploit, they lose
And we forget…
“Never judge a person ‘til you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”

We put our childish thoughts away
Instead–we plan, we juggle
And we forget “To seize the Day”

We devise ways to fast track our careers, leapfrogging peers to get what we need,
We forget
“Direction is much more important than speed”

We congratulate ourselves on our negotiation skill
While we forget
“That happiness takes us places money never will”

We stress and we worry when nothings goes our way
Because we forget (to remember)
“Tomorrow’s another day.”

And we bite our tongues stealthily while others speak out…
While we forget
“It’s better to be a tiger for a day than live the life of a mouse”

When all around is having fun
We forget…
“The harder we work, the luckier we become”

Whilst we’re remembering to keep our heads below the parapet,
We’re forgetting
“To leave footprints worth following” instead

And we pat ourselves on the back at how far we have come,
We forget, “We regret…
The things we’ve never done”

As I said, we have voracious appetites.
As we reach the peak of our meal
And sit back full up on all the delights

We’d be wise to remember…
“To be smart enough to realise…
How stupid we are”

As we search for a better way
It’s worth remembering…
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

And as we dream of the possibilities and all it brings,
“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”

So dance and rejoice people,
Take your appetites–gobble up the delights
And let me say,

“Life is not a rehearsal”
“Make the most of every day”

And above all whilst we’re remembering what not to forget
Remember a Charity in your Will
After all, in life. It’s what you give, not what you get