The Day I Met Attenborough

BBC celebration of Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday is brought to animated life with “The Day I Met Attenborough”, a set of short films produced at Aardman Studios. The creative genius of Creature Comforts is brought to bear on three economic moments from Sir David’s Career. Two penguins, a lyrebird and a family of gorillas are provided with human voices to reflect on their interactions with their favourite broadcaster and naturalist. The three commercials were designed to promote a one-hour documentary broadcast on Sunday 8 May.

The Day I Met Attenborough

The penguins footage comes from the 1993 series, Life in the Freezer. The Lyrebird video clip comes from 1998 documentary, The Life of Birds. The gorilla footage comes from the 1979 production, Life on Earth.

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