Coop Organic Effect

The Organic Effect, a campaign for Swedish supermarket chain Coop, won the PR Grand Prix at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The Coop Organic Effect experiment focused on the Palmbergs, a family of five, hoping to reveal the impact of switching to organic food. A video covering the experiment has had over 5.5 millions views since its release in May 2015. The campaign site, (Swedish) and (English), includes a full report on the experiment conducted by Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL.


The Swedish Patent and Marketing court in Sweden by judgement of Juli 3rd, 2017, case number PMT 11299–16, been declared as unfair misleading marketing according to paragraph 8 and 10 in the Swedish Marketing Practises Act (“Marknadsföringslag (2008:486)”). Coop has under penalty of a fine been prohibited to use the content.

Coop Organic Effect chart

Crop Protection Pushback

The Swedish Crop Protection Association (Svenskt Växtskydd), the trade association for Swedish crop protection companies, has taken Coop to the Swedish Market Court (Marknadsdomstolen) for misleading and inaccurate advertising. The association calls the marketing campaign unethical, illegal and rigged, and calls for Coop to stop using the misleading advertisement or face a penalty payment of 2 million Swedish Crowns (~240k USD). Svenskt Växtskydd is concerned that the experiment didn’t test pesticides used in organic farming. The video, unlike the online documentation behind the experiment, fails to mention that the levels detected in the experiment pose no known risk.


The Coop Organic Effect was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors by copywriter Johan Olivero, art directors Johan Eghammer and Johanna Hofman-Bang, designer Viktor Brittsjö, agency producer Åsa Hammar, planners Amelie Sandström, My Troedsson, digital producer Helena Wård, account managers Lena Grundström and Patrik Danroth, account director Anders Härneman.

Filming was shot by director Marcus Svanberg via Acne Film with producer Kristofer Larsson, director of photography Anders Jedenfors, and offline editor Henning Mark.

Post production was done at Nordisk Film Shortcut. Sound was produced at Plop Produktion.

Video distribution through Be On was managed by Jenny Canborn, Renée Vennberg, Carl-Christian Dyrssen and Maria Molsa.