Converse Made by You

Converse Made by You, a film celebrating Chuck Taylor wearers, has been recognised for excellence in editing at the AICP Show. The film, released in March 2015, is part of is an integrated advertising campaign clebrating fans of the brand who have been expressing themselves and their creativity in Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers for nearly 100 years. For the Spring 2015 campaign, Converse scoured the globe to collect beloved and distinctly personal Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, each of which tells a story of transformation from blank canvas to self-portrait of their owner. Featured in the film are Buff Monster, Lily Vie, Sachmo Ruain, King Tuff, Qin Xiao Yu, Futura, Estelle Pigault, Junior Adesanya, Franki Chan, Franklin Hartzell, Ana Sofia Gaspar, David Loughlin, Alex Bickel, Fidel Bryan, Terry Smith and Sabela Perez.

Converse Made By You

“This is a film that celebrates you. The Chuck Taylor wearers from around the globe. The young, the old, the artists, the musicians, the actors, the nerds, the nobodies, the up-and-comers, even the famous. Their Chucks are a part of who they are. Every scuff, stain and doodle all help shape their story.”

Sam Ostrove, editor at Cut + Run, explains the work…

“Everyone on the team wanted this to feel bold but not preachy. We wanted to create something that gave insight into real converse-wearers, with a certain rhythm and energy that represented the sort of people who wear Chucks – from metalheads in London; to street artists in Los Angeles (the legendary graffiti artist ‘futura’ is featured in the spot), to tattooists in China and even psychedelic garage rock star King Tuff. These people all opened up for something like Converse, and many stories made us laugh as well as cry. It really shows the imprint Converse has had on such a wide range of people.”

“‘Made by you’ originated from a simple human truth – we all want to be our true, authentic self in this world,” said Ian Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing. “Fans of Chuck Taylor are the ones who have made Chuck Taylor an iconic badge of creative self-expression. It’s time we celebrated them.”

Converse has curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits, showcasing endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who choose to wear Chuck Taylor All Star – from musicians to artists, skaters to fashionistas, the known to the unknown. Their portraits offer a contemporary lens into the distinctly unique worlds they inhabit. Exhibitions were held in New York City, London, Beijing, and Mexico City. Consumers were able to participate at pop-up portrait studios at Converse retail locations and events around the world. Portraits collected from the likes of international icons like Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Futura, Jefferson Hack, Sayo Yoshida, Kate Lanphear and Glenn O’Brien were featured alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor All Star wearers.

Below we feature work by Andrea Penaranda, Bess, Cristiane Hitomi Saito, Hina Mizoguchi, Jingpeng Guan, Joanna DeLane, Julie Petiole, Ken Asahi, Lewis Hughes-Batley, Ma Yu, Querine Ottens, Sayori Wada, Yasper Bos.

Converse Made by Andrea Penaranda
Converse Made by Bess
Converse Made by Cristiane Hitomi Saito
Converse Made by Hina Mizoguchi
Converse Made by Jingling Guan
Converse Made by Joanna Delane
Converse Made by Julie Petiole
Converse Made by Ken Asahi
Converse Made by Lewis Hughes Batley
Converse Made by Jingling Guan
Converse Made by Querine Ottens
Converse Made by Sayori Wada
Converse Made by Yasper Bos

The campaign also includes a Google Cardboard virtual reality experience in New York’s Flatiron district, co-ordinated by Tool, that allows consumers to step into the shoes of artist Ron English, actress Joanna DeLane, musician King Tuff and urban explorer Thomas Midlane.

Converse Made by You Credits

The Converse Made by You campaign was developed at Anomaly by chief creative officer Mike Byrne, creative directors Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom, art director Ben Dean, copywriter Jane Cronk, art director Rob Concepcion, copywriter Ben Yabsley, agency producer Kennedy Davey, business director Jill Ong, account supervisor Lisa Taber, account executive Dilara Cagal, account director Joel Sussman, planning director Alex Franklin, planner Caroline Hart, project manager Allison Pankow, business affairs director Carla Curry, design director Andrew Guirguis, designer Luca Bernardino, project manager Allison Pankow, head of print production Jordan SPielman, print producers Jen Aborn, Lourdes Vasquez, studio director Steve Harris.

Filming was shot by directing collective We Are From LA via Iconoclast with executive producer Charles-Marie Anthonioz, director of photography Alexis Zabe, producer Bridgitte Pugh

Post production was done at Cut + Run by editor Sam Ostrove, assistant editors Joe Woodford and Ryan Harrington, executive producer (NY) Rana Martin, executive producer (UK) Toby Abbott, producer Ellen Lavery, online producer Julia Williams

and Flame artist Joseph Grosso. Telecine was by colourist Mikey Rossiter at The Mill New York with producer Natalie Westerfield, colour production coordinator Kimberly Rivero, colour assistants Nate Seymour and Ashley Ayarza.

Sound was designed at audioEngine by senior mixer Tom Goldblatt, assistant mixer Cathleen Conte, executive producer Jessica Poland, producer Molly Burke

Music is by SebastiAn.