Clear The Pitch

In honor of International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April, Grey for Good, the philanthropic arm of Grey Group Singapore, teamed up with Danish not-for-profit DanChurchAid (DCA) to launch “Clear The Pitch”. The #ClearThePitch campaign drives support for creating safer communities, free of dangerous remnants of war such as land mines, unexploded ammunition and cluster bombs, in post-conflict zones all around the world. To change this, the integrated #ClearThePitch campaign builds an emotional link to one of the world’s biggest sports: soccer. It’s a universal sport and is played on streets, fields, playgrounds, parking lots and many more places. Due to remnants of war such as land mines, cluster bombs and unexploded ammunition, in many parts of the world, playing soccer on fields can be extremely dangerous… especially for children.

Footballs and cluster bomb in Clear The Pitch still

Starting out as what could well be a brand film by one of the big soccer suppliers, it features balls from around the world. The soundtrack is the iconic football hymn “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which is sung by fans in stadiums around the world to back their teams. As viewers are wondering which product this is all about, the film takes an unexpected and disturbing turn, revealing a child with a missing limb, asking the audience whether they saw the bomb amongst the balls. He points out a cluster-bomblet, which actually looks much like a ball – making clear just how nasty the problem is. The core messaging is simple: Help DCA clear the pitch and create safer communities. With #ClearThePitch as the call to action, the website provides additional information and facilitates donations.

“It is sad to know this is still happening in our advanced world,” said Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki of Cutters Tokyo. “When do you have a chance to be part of something? Something where you can help to make a change for a great cause? It was a no-brainer when Grey Group Singapore approached us. We are very proud of the help we were able to provide. Now, we wish that everyone receives the message and that all of us will make an impact together.”

Clear The Pitch Credits

The Clear The Pitch campaign was developed at Grey Group Singapore (via Grey for Good) by executive creative director Till Hohmann, creative director Antonio Bonifacio, managing director Konstantin Popovic, copywriter James Dickinson, art director Luis Fabra, senior executive producer Brendan Cravitz, agency producer Lauren Rilley, digital lead Suresh Ramaswamy, digital Karishma Menon, account manager Rasyiqah Rahman, working with DCA Mine Action team Richard MacCormac, Nikolaj Søndergaard, Christian Sophus Ehlers, Anne Kristine Erhardsen, Camilla Tollstorff Ardilsø, Mulle Juul Korsholm, Anne Mousten, Tobias Juhler Maureschat.

Filming was shot by director James Teh via Great Guns with executive producer Laura Gregory, producer Mathew Alden, line producer Ann Suthida Sihasvetra, director of photography Sinthop Sophon and production designer Nattachai Kitjanawanchai.

Editing was done at Cutters Tokyo by executive producer Timo Otsuki, producer Shumpei Negami, editing supervisor Ryan McGuire, colorist Ben Conkey, colorist assistant Toshiki Kamei, online/finish artist Dr. Yu, and online assistant Tonomoi Ogawa.

Music and Sound Design were produced at Yessian, New York, by sound designer/mixer Jeff Dittenber, composer/arranger Michael Dragovich, chief creative officer Brian Yessian. Music is “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.