Chipotle Love Story

Chipotle has launched “A Love Story”, an animated short film following on from the success of “Back to the Start” and “Scarecrow“. As with the first two films, Chipotle Love Story explores the call to back away from mass production and artificiality, and the hope to cultivate a better world. The moment young Ivan saw Evie, it was love at first sight. Needing money to ask her to a movie, Ivan starts innocently competing with Evie’s food stand. The result devolves into a thirty-year-long fast food rivalry. Using every trick in the book, they unwittingly abandon their integrity to win customers. But when they can no longer recognize their monstrous creations, they ultimately discover what truly matters, their love for real food and each other. The Chipotle Love Story film, with its associated website, invites viewers to connect with the new summer loyalty program, “Chiptopia”, with the tag line, “Love is Rewarding”.

Chipotle Love Story

Chipotle Love Story Credits

The Chipotle Love Story campaign was developed at CAA Marketing Group (Creative Artists Agency) by creatives Todd Hunter and Tony Fur, producers Amanda Jiminez and Jay Brooker.

Animation was produced at Passion Pictures by director Saschka Unseld, art director Katy Wu, executive producers Debbie Crosscup, Ryan Goodwin-Smith, producer Sibylle Preuss, VFX supervisor Neil Riley, computer graphics producer Christian Mills, animation team Wesley Coman, Chris Welsby, Aldo Gagliardi, Cath Brooks, Catherine Elvidge, Karin Matteson, Scott Bono, texture/shading team Ian Matthews, Katreena Erin Bowell, David Domingo Jimenez, Leigh Van Der Byl, Louise Chassain, Sara Diaz, Stuart Hall, Arkin Esfref, Alex Holman, David Watson, Leigh van der Byl, Camille Perrin, Patrick Kraft, Roxanne Martinez, rigging team Morgan Evans, Matteo Nibbi, Giulia Dell’Armi, VFX team Jamie Franks, Colin Perrett, Kwai Keung IP, Junaid Syed, Antonios Deftarios, Guillaume Zaouche, Gabriele Veronese, Matt Moyes, Robin Nordenstein, Alice Jarre, light/rendering team Christian Mills, Richard Moss, Stuart Hall, Adrian Russell, Patrick Kraftt, Alex Holman, Roxanne Martinez, David Watson, Nikolay Kulishev, Simon Maddocks, Francois Pons, compositing team Johnny Still, Andre Bittencourt, Raphael Theolade, Valeria Romano, Javier Cid, Alex Grey, animation supervisor Jay Boose, CG coordinators Joost Zoetebier and Suzanne Forward, character/production design team Katy Wu, Amandine Pecharman, graphic designer Davide Saraceno.

Post production was done at Technicolor PostWorks by colourist Max Horton.

“I Want It That Way”, written by Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson for Backstreet Boys, is performed by Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jim James of My Morning Jacket, produced by Blake Mills.