Chick-fil-a History Icons Not Crazy

Chick-fil-A’s new ad campaign features six different history icons who became successful against all odds even though their ideas and inventions were considered “crazy” during their time. Six Chick-fil-a history icons are featured: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amelia Earhart, Michelangelo, and Susan B Anthony. The campaign promotes the new Egg White Grill breakfast, mixing history lessons with pop culture, noting: “Chicken for breakfast, it’s not as crazy as you think.”

Chick-fil-a History Icons - Thomas Edison

Chick-fil-a History Icons Credits

The Chick-fil-a History Icons campaign was developed at Erich & Kallman by creative director Eric Kallman, managing director Steve Erich, account head Kate Higgins and executive producer Laura Ferguson.

Filming was shot by director Harold Einstein via dummy. with executive producer Eric Liney, director of photography Jonathan Freeman and production designer Patrick Lamb.

Editor was Dave Anderson at Arcade Edit with assistant editor Laurel Smoliar, executive producer Sila Soyer, and senior producer Gavin Carroll.

Colour was produced at Company 3 by senior colour artist Tim Masick and senior producer Rochelle Brown. Finishing was done at Ntropic by executive creative director Nathan Robinson, lead Flame artist Steve Zourntos, Flame artist Matt Tremaglio, senior producer Emily Avoujageli, assistant Yvonne Pon and Gillen Burch.

Sound was produced at One Union by sound engineer Joaby Deal and producer Lauren Mask. Music, “Pugs on a Rug”, was performed by Andrew Sherman and Max Schad, produced at Butter by senior producer Ryan Faucett.