Chemical Brothers Wide Open

British electronic music band The Chemical Brothers has launched a music video for “Wide Open”, featuring the dancing of professional dancer Sonoya Mizuno and a vocal track by Beck. Visual effects for the Chemical Brothers Wide Open music video, produced at the Mill, make it possible for Mizuno to gradually turn into a fully 3D printed structure as she dances around the studio, mixing mechanical and organic.

Chemical Brothers Wide Open music video dancer

Behind The Scenes

The Mill’s VFX team worked closely with directors Dom & Nic to explore procedural cellular structures by extensively and meticulously tracking the dancer’s movements in order to replace her limbs and eventually her whole torso, with a lattice of 3D mesh. Photogrammetry scanning was used to create a fully CG model of the dancer’s body including photo real textures. CG clothing was also built in Marvellous Designer and then rendered in Arnold. The Mill created clean plates for seven thousand frames entailing a huge amount of traditional hand painted comp work. To lighten the load, the team created a bespoke tool specifically for this project, which automatically scanned our footage for clean parts of the set, projecting them onto the areas that the dancer occupied. The entire set was scanned using Lidar technology to provide an accurate 3D model of the entire environment, enabling the VFX team to track the camera as closely as possible.

Chemical Brothers Wide Open Credits

Filming was shot by directors Dom & Nic via Outsider with executive producer John Madsen and choreographer Wayne McGregor.

Editor was Ed Cheesman at Final Cut.

Colourist was Dave “Luddy” Ludlum at The Mill with colour assists Oisin O’Driscoll and Brendan Buckingham. Visual effects and design were produced at The Mill by executive producer Misha Stanford-Harris, production coordinator Tess Miles, shoot supervisors Neil Davies & Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra, executive creative director Neil Davies, 2D lead artist Fergal Hendrick, 3D lead artists David Fleet & Suraj ‘Sid’ Harrington-Odedra, concept Nathan McKenna, animation leads Jorge Montiel and Ian Potsos, rigging artist Andreas Graichen, 2D Artists: Joe Courtis, Brad Wood, Sole Martin, Lucas Carracedo, Jeanette Eiternes, George Cressey, Warren Gebhardt, Stefan Susemihl, Rebecca Clay, 3D artists Andreas Graichen, Ian Potsos, Marta Carbonell, Ashley Reemul, Alberto Lara, Matthew Kavanagh, Sauce Vilas, Jasmine Ghoreishi, Sherin Mahboob, Philippe Moine, modeling and texture artist Marta Carbonell, shoot assist Margaux Huneau, motion tracker and supervisor Peregrine McCafferty and Amélie Guyot (Peanut VFX), body scanner Jack Rothwell (FBFX Digital), rotoscoping and clean up artist Gelaro Grace (Trace VFX), and scanner Duncan Lees (Efficacy 4D).