Carmina December 21

SELAE (Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) is promoting the 2016 Christmas Lottery with “21 de Diciembre” (December 21st), a commercial telling the story of retired school teacher Carmina. Carmina, watching a replay of the previous year’s draw, mistakenly believes that she and her community have won in 2016. However it’s December 21, he day before the Lotería de Navidad is drawn. Carmina sets out to round up her family and members of her village for a big celebration. Despite knowing that Carmina has got it all wrong, the community decides to enter into her excitement. Online at visitors are able to experience the story through a multi-screen experience with exclusive content synchronised on PC and mobile. A Facebook Messenger app enables participants to help Josin and Mateo get the villagers involved in Carmina’s celebration.

Carmina December 21 commercial

Carmina December 21st Credits

The Carmina December 21st campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Madrid by chief creative officer Juan García-Escudero, executive creative director Jesús Lada, creative directors Ignacio Soria and Arturo Benlloch, art director Javier Lopez Canle, producer Nico Sánchez, account director Sara Iglesias, account manager Sara Cubillo working with SELAE marketing team Eva Pavo and Federico Fernández.

Filming was shot by director Santiago Zannou via RCR Films with producer Juanjo Ocio (CPWorks) and executive producer Miguel Escribano.

Music is by Fernando Velázquez.