Canal+ Story Behind Every Story

CANAL+ is known as the number one movie channel in France and has a long tradition of backing moviemakers. The broadcaster prides itself on supporting all types of genres and is a regular sponsor of various cinema festivals over the course of the year. The idea of this print campaign, created by BETC Paris and launched in specialized cinema press, was to use the form of a script to show just how difficult it actually is to make a good film! Different trades representative of the industry, sound designers, art directors, props managers, editors, are illustrated through funny short stories, highlighting classic movie making fails – because there is a story behind every story.

Canal+ Projector print ad

Canal+ Microphone Story Behind Every Story print ad
Canal+ Megaphone Story Behind Every Story print ad
Canal+ Console Story Behind Every Story print ad
Canal+ Colander Story Behind Every Story print ad


The Canal+ Story Behind Every Story campaign was developed at BETC Paris by executive creative director Stéphane Xiberras, creative director Olivier Apers, art director Sophia Bouadjera, copywriter Lucas Bouneou, strategic planners Fabien Le-Roux and Sarah Lemarié, art buyer Stéphanie Giordano, with photographer Ben Stockley, account supervisor Guillaume Espinet and account director Elsa Magadoux working with Canal+ marketing team Guillaume Boutin, Audrey Brugère, Jordane de Villeret and Coline André. Print was produced at Rita.