Brad is Single

Norwegian Airlines and Try Oslo have won the Press Grand Prix at the 2016 Epica Awards, for “Brad is Single”. On September 21, When news broke that Angelina Jolie had filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt, the airline and agency worked quickly to launch an integrated campaign promoting cheap flights to Los Angeles from Scandinavia, Spain and the UK. Print ads and Twitter posts were recognised for their humour value and spread across the world. “Brad is single, cheap one-way tickets to Los Angeles available now!” (‘¡Brad está soltero! or Brad er singel)

Brad er singel - Norwegian Airlines ad

Brad is single - Norwegian Airlines press ad
Brad esta saltero - Norwegian Airlines print ad
Brad is single - Actor LA Newly Single Norwegian Airlines print ad

Brad Is Single Credits

The Brad is Single campaign was developed at TRY Oslo by creatives Marius Aasen and Susanne Hovda, graphic designer Inge Fosseie, project manager Ulla Hennum Birkrem, and account manager Trond Sandø, working with