B&O Play Listening Matters

B&O PLAY, the contemporary arm of Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen, has connected with the artist community in “Listening Matters”, a campaign fusing experience and content. The B&O Play Listening Matters campaign began over the summer of 2016 with the launch of “The Future Series”, a patronage-based exhibition focused on supporting interdisciplinary artists and cultural exchange with the worlds of sound, art and design. The Listening Matters episodes punctuate the campaign with a series of digital spots that explore alternate and uncommon ways sound influences and inspires the creative musings of artists and creators of every medium. Featured artists are Grant Jefferson (Soundmarks), Olivia Amato (Music, Mind, Body), Stephen Negron (Accent/Place), Josh Peck (Drawing Sound), Maria Sivakova (Drawing Sound), David Perez-Martinez (Organized Sound), Sean Borderes (Organized Sound) and Terence Caulkins (Unheard Sounds).

B&O Play Listening Matters commercial

“My goal with the PLAY brand is to bring to life our 90+ year history of cultural exchange for a new generation through a diverse patronage of contemporary aesthetics that provides a platform for alternative dialogues around the intersection of art, technology, design and sound,” notes B&O Play U.S. Marketing Director Travis McMichael III.

B&O Play Listening Matters Credits

The B&O Play Listening Matters campaign was developed at Mass Appeal by agency producer Brette Graber, and account director Jon Colclough, working with B&O Play head of global marketing Jens Jermaiin, head of content and editorial Nathaniel Robert Budzinski, and US marketing directors Travis A. McMichael III.

Filming was shot by director Amilcar Gomes via Decon with director of photography Jason Banker, line producer Chad Ghiron, production designer Kate Stein, lighting designer Ed Warren, sound mixer David Rosenberg, executive producer Misha Louy, head of production Brian Turner, production manager Raquel Marvez and technical director Travis Hoggard, editors Ryosuke Tanzawa and Kristen Swayback, post producer Caroline Eisen, audio engineer Grant Jefferson, colorist Anthony Carvalho.

Music was composed by Grant Jefferson, Josh Peck and Donny Dykowsky, through Ski Team.

B&O Play Listening Matters Music

“Rose Phase” by Grant Jefferson
“Human Condition” by Donny Dykowsky (ASCAP), Joshua S Peck (SESAC), Ski Team
“Plucking Accents” by Donny Dykowsky (ASCAP), Joshua S Peck (SESAC), Ski Team
“Custom Track” by Joshua S Peck (SESAC)
“Taking Flight” by Donny Dykowsky (ASCAP), Joshua S Peck (SESAC), Ski Team
“Inspired” by Grant Jefferson