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BMW in the UK is celebrating the 100 year anniversary with BMW Innovation, a series of striking press adverts that demonstrate the innovative technology available within the range of cars. In an unusual departure from traditional car advertising, the press adverts do not feature a car at all; instead, a road is seen from the perspective of the driver, set in three dramatic landscapes. Each execution demonstrates a different function of the car and how this advanced technology makes driving as enjoyable as possible. All copy reiterates the messaging of the 100 year celebrations, which highlights the brilliance of BMW technology and look towards the next 100 years of ‘Ultimate Driving Pleasure’. The adverts run as a series, accompanied by a final advert of a BMW, featuring the 100 year anniversary signet and the caption ‘No Other Car is More Connected.’ The series is connected to the site,

BMW Innovation print ad - Intelligent Emergency Call - A car that calls for help when you can't

BMW Innovation print ad - Lane Departure Alert - A car that never wanders even when your eyes do
BMW Innovation print ad - Head Up Display - A car that puts the information here
BMW Innovation print ad - No other car more connected

Intelligent Emergency Call

The road is seen sideways, as it would to the driver if the car had turned in a crash. Copy explains that BMW’s accident-proof communications will automatically contact the BMW call centre if an accident occurs. “A car that calls for help when you can’t”.

Lane Departure Warning

The positioning of the copy is tiered, forcing the eyes to move across the page to representing how BMW technology can alert the driver if the vehicle strays outside the lane. “A car that never wanders even when your eyes do”.

Head Up Display

This technology projects the driver’s speed, directions and collision warnings through windshield and onto the driver’s line of vision. In the ad, the copy is positioned on the road, and also positioned on the dashboard shown in the shot, to highlight how prominent the differences in the positions are to a driver. “A car that puts the information here”.

BMW Innovation Credits

The BMW 100 Year campaign was developed at FCB Inferno, London, by creative team Nick O’Bryan-Tear and Neil Durber, planner Ben Jaffe, designer Alex Gill, digital retoucher Richard Bagley, chief creative officer Owen Lee, senior account director Hannah Slater and senior account manager Kirsten Barnes.

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