Ben-u-ron Motherhood Vows

Bene Farmacêutica, a pharmaceutical company in Portugal, is promoting paracetamol brand Ben-u-ron with “E Para Sempre” (It’s Forever), an advertising campaign centred on the commitment of mothers. Launched initially for International Womens Day on March 8, the campaign began with “The Oath”/”Juramento”, a commercial celebrating the relationship of a mother with her child. The voiceover borrows from the traditional wedding vows to affirm the commitments that last a lifetime. The thought behind the campaign is that come rain or shine, in good times and bad times, you can always count on your mother. As you can count on Ben-u-ron to be present, from infancy to senior years. The campaign has now been given an extra boost for Mother’s Day. “There is no greater commitment than motherhood. And we’re here to help you through it”.

Ben-u-ron Mother's Vow

Ben-u-ron Credits

The Ben-u-ron E Para Sempre campaign was developed at Fuel Lisbon by creative director/copywriter Marcelo Lourenco, creative director/art director Pedro Bexiga, agency producer Pedro Silva, account team Rita Nazario and Joana Barreiro, with Bene Farmacêutica marketing team Raquel Tello and Gabriela Alves.

Filming was shot by director Fred Oliveira via Krypton with director of photography Jaime Rebato, wardrobe artist Isabel Quadros, makeup artist Marija and art director Rui Pina. The original voiceover is by Portuguese actress Ana Brito e Cunha.

Music was composed by Pedro Macedo Camacho, recorded by Sofia Orchestra Session and Four For Music Ltd.