Babbel Speak The Language

Babbel, the online language learning company, has launched an advertising campaign centred on two commercials, “Tiny Whale” and “Messy Dress”. The campaign’s goal is to position the Babbel brand globally, and showcase the core strengths of the Babbel App. At the center of the campaign is Babbel’s primary brand message: To help people speak a new language quickly and like they’ve always wanted to. The two commercials reveal the fantasy language scenarios of two Babbel learners — one learning English, the other French. In mastering the language, be it the sophisticated English of the 18th century nobility or the subtle French of beloved French films, Babbel learners are part of the story. Rather than standing on the sidelines, the Babbel learner uses his or her newfound language ability to become part of the action, to become part of a foreign world.

Babbel Tiny Whale sauce bottle

Sophie Bodoh, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy London, says, “Everyone has different motivations for learning a language, but we recognised one common truth that applies to every new learner: They have some kind of fantasy about what it will be like to speak a new language confidently. Using the familiar cinematic worlds of different countries, we show Babbel users playing out their own unique language-speaking fantasies.“

Babbel Speak The Language Credits

The Babbel Speak The Language campaign was developed at W+K London by creative director Sophie Bodoh, creative team Max Batten and Ben Shaffery, executive creative directors Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth and Iain Tait, TV producer Matthew Ellingham, agency executive producer Dannie Stewart, group account director Andy Kay, account director Sophy Woltman, planning director Harriet Lowson, working with Babbel head of brand Sylvain Lierre, senior brand manager Jim Liu and junior brand manager Pauline Laggoun.

Filming was shot in Prague by director Sam Hibbard via Somesuch & Co London with executive producer Sally Campbell, line producer James Waters, director of photography Jan Velicky.

Editor was Saam Hodivala at Work Post.

Visual effects were produced at MPC with colourist Jean-Clement Soret.

Music was licensed through Audio Network. Sound was mixed at Wave Studios by mixer Dugal Macdiarmid and producer Rebecca Boswell.