Apple Frankie’s Holiday

Apple is making the connection between Halloween and Christmas this year with “Frankie’s Holiday”, a commercial starring Brad Garrett (Robert Ramone in Everybody Loves Raymond). Frankenstein’s monster records his music box rendition of the “There’s no place like home for the holidays” on his iPhone before collecting his mail order Christmas light fittings and heading down to the local town square. His appearance inspires gasps in the crowd gathered around the communal Christmas tree, and no-one’s too sure what to do when he launches into song. However, when Frankie’s green bulb fizzes out, a young girl gets his light working and provides her own vocal support for the song. Soon the locals join in to complete the chorus. The tagline: Open your heart to everyone.

Frankie's Holiday - Apple iPhone commercial featuring Brad Garrett

Frankie’s Holiday Credits

Frankie’s Holiday was developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

Filming was shot by director Lance Acord via Park Pictures.

Home for the Holidays (1954) was written by Robert Allen (music) and Al Stillma (lyrics).