Amnesty End Inhumanity Barb Wire

Amnesty’s “End Inhumanity” print advertising campaign, featuring barb wire and the iconic Amnesty candle, has won gold at the Clio Awards, following on from the Gold Print Craft Lion at Cannes. Four illustrations show prisoners bound, gagged, surrounded and pushed down by barb wire, with the Amnesty candle representing an end to the inhumanity. “Human rights have a hard time. Dictators, regimes, and managed democracies all over the world violate human rights more recklessly, more unashamedly and more successfully than ever. But still there are two ideas in this world that are potentially more powerful than any regime on earth: empathy and hope. Jawed Saleem’s incredibly emotional illustrations for Amnesty’s “End Inhumanity” campaign express Amnesty’s core idea in a totally disarming way – silently screaming out Amnesty’s key message: there is hope, if we stand together. End inhumanity!”

Amnesty End Inhumanity Humiliation Barb wire poster

Amnesty End Inhumanity Feet Barb Wire poster
Amnesty End Inhumanity Barb Wire poster
Amnesty End Inhumanity Gag Barb wire poster

End Inhumanity Credits

The End Inhumanity campaign was developed at Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt, by chief creative officer Dr Stephan Vogel, creative directors Helmut Meyer, creative director/copywriter Lothar Mueller, art director/illustrator Jawad Saleem, account coordinator Michael Fucks, working with Amnesty fundraising and marketing manager Marcel Hagmann.