adidas Your Future is Not Mine

adidas is promoting the Spring/Summer 2016 range with “Your Future Is Not Mine”, an integrated advertising campaign exploring alternate approaches to the future. Models, fashion designers and bloggers Aleali May, Luka Sabbat, Iman Shumpert, Kyu Steed, Reese Cooper, Ikwa, and Design Butler, all defiantly walk forward towards the unknown. The message each one of them communicates is clear: your future is yours to create. Watch them confidently stride together towards an optimistic tomorrow, dismissing the hurdles of the negative future they seem to have inevitably inherited. The three dashes through the adidas logo become a way of challenging selfish and destructive systems and behaviour sets. Each member of the cast challenges the idea of the future through their craft and creativity. The associated hashtag: #myfutureis

adidas Your Future image

adidas Your Future is Not Mine Credits

The Adidas Your Future is Not Mine campaign was developed at Johannes Leonardo, New York, chief creative officers Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, creative directors Ferdinando Verderi, Wesley Phelan, Matthew Edwards, chief strategy officer Andrew Dawson, head of production Cedric Gairard, executive producer Justin Lane, producer Tina Diep, senior designer Elena Miska, and designer Michael Riso.

Filming was shot by director Terence Neale via RSA Films with executive producer Tracie Norfleet, producer Betsy Blakemore, director of photography Sebastian Wintero, working with executive producer Melinda Szepesi at Pioneer Films, Budapest, executive producer Roxanne Rocha-Gray and producer Dagny Warmerdam at Egg Films, Cape Town.

Editors were Shane Reid and Nate Gross at Exile with executive producer Carol Lynne Weaver, senior producer Melanie Gagliano, producer Viet-An Nguyen, assistant editor Mari Celeste Garrahan.

Visual effects were produced at MPC with VFX supervisor Rob Walker, head of 3D Vicky Osborn, CG creative director Rob Petrie, managing director Justin Brukman, executive producer Camila De Biaggi and producer Sophie Gibson.

Colorist was Tom Poole at Company 3 with producer Clare Movshon.

Motion graphics were produced at Elastic by graphic artist Peter Murphy with executive producer Jennifer Sofio Hall and producer Catherine Yi.

Sound was designed at Q Department.

Sound was mixed at Sonic Union by sound engineers Steve Rosen and Brian Goodheart, executive producer Justine Cortale, producer Pat Sullivan.

Music is by Squeak E Clean with composer Justin Hori, vocalist Daisy HamelBuffa, executive producer Carol Linda Dunn and producer Chris Shaw.

Styling was produced at CLM by stylist Tom Guinness, assistant stylists Lotte Elisa Agulló-Collins and Benjamin Russell.