Who will you help?

#Whowillyouhelp?, an advertising campaign released by Ontario Women’s Directorate, an initiative of Government of Ontario in Canada, continues to raise awareness of public responsibility for response to sexual harassment. The commercial at the centre of the campaign shows four disturbing vignettes of women being assaulted by men while onlookers are asked to say nothing. The campaign is part of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s three year crusade against sexual violence and harassment, sparked by Star investigations into sexual assault allegations against ex-broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi and an examination of how universities and colleges ‎handled complaints of sexual violence. The Ontario government is hosting the campaign online at ontario.ca, promoting the “It’s Never Okay” action plan document.

Whowillyouhelp office massage

A barely conscious drunk woman is videoed by a group of men at a party, when one turns to the screen and says: “Thanks for keeping your mouth shut.” A woman working at her office computer receives a shoulder massage from a creepy looking supervisor, who looks into the camera and says: “Thanks for minding your own business.” A teenage boy, showing racy photographs on his phone to his friends, whispers: “Thanks for not telling my girlfriend.” A man in a crowded bar slips a date-rape drug into a woman’s drink and says: “Thanks for not telling anyone.” “When you do nothing, you’re helping him,” intones a male announcer. “But when you do something, you help her.” Then, the four women look into the camera and express gratitude for helping them in the harrowing scenarios.

Released in March 2015 in English and French versions, the video has since been posted with subtitles in Tagalog, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Spanish, Punjabi, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi and Arabic.

#Whowillyouhelp Your friend is taking advantage of someone drunk at a party
#Whowillyouhelp Someone is trying to take advantage of your drunk friend
#Whowillyouhelp Someone is taking your drunk friend home with them
#Whowillyouhelp Your friend is getting pushy with another girl
#Whowillyouhelp Your friend is catcalling someone
#Whowillyouhelp Your friend is sharing private photos of their partner

Who will you help? Credits

The Who Will You Help? campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Toronto by chief creative officer Judy John, creative directors Lisa Greenberg, Kelly Zettel, Sam Cerullo, art director Mike Morelli, copywriter Marty Hoefkes, planner Brent Nelsen, project manager Lyndsay Cattermole, account director Allison Ballantyne, account manager Hazel De Vela, agency producers Franca Piacente and Laurie Filgiano

Filming was shot by director Bruce McDonald via Revolver Films with producer Rob Allan, executive producers Luc Frappier and Richard Cureton, and director of photography Rudy Blahacek.

Casting was by Shasta Lutz.

Editors were Michelle Czuker and Kat Weber at Panic & Bob with producer Sam Maclaren.

Sound was produced at The Eggplant.

Telecine was produced at Smith by producer Kristen Van Fleet, colourist Bill Ferwerda and Flame artist Andre Arevalo.