Wells Fargo Together

Wells Fargo is running “Sign Language”, a commercial featuring a lesbian couple preparing to adopt a young deaf child, as part of a broad integrated advertising campaign with the tagline, “Together We’ll Go Far”. The storytelling campaign is designed to convey Wells Fargo’s appreciation of the many reasons why people work, and resonates with consumers by connecting at an emotional level. Other campaign elements include radio, print, in-store, ATM, online and digital. Wells Fargo will also invite social media fans and followers to use the hashtag #WhyIWork and share stories about what motivates them – be it to start a family, to start a company, to have more time to volunteer or mentor, or to have the financial resources to care for their loved ones.

Wells Fargo Learning Sign Language

A couple learns a new language to welcome a new addition to their family.

Wells Fargo Together campaign

“By recognizing and appreciating people’s hard work, and, importantly, why they do it, we are showing them we understand their desires and needs. We believe their ability to see that in us is fundamental to customers welcoming Wells Fargo to help them succeed financially,” said Jamie Moldafsky, Wells Fargo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Caring is core to who we are at Wells Fargo, a belief that very much influenced our approach to this campaign.”

Moldafsky said the new campaign aims for a variety of narratives, reflecting Wells Fargo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and its “total market” approach to major marketing initiatives – outreach to mass market audiences through fully integrated cross-cultural approaches and messages that represent the increasingly diverse U.S. population and incorporating cultural cues with universal appeal.

“We believe you can create marketing that resonates with a wide range of people if you have storytelling with universal themes that they can emotionally connect to,” Moldafsky said. “The message behind our new advertising is a great example – we all work, and do so for what are often emotional reasons. That’s a place where we think Wells Fargo’s brand can have a very meaningful connection with people.”

As a woman waits patiently, we find ourselves with time to reflect on the important work done every day by retirees, across America.

“Souvenir” features a home-sick truck driver makes a few stops along his cross-country long distance haul to pick up stones. When he finally pulls into his driveway we find out just how precious his rock finds are.

“Sales Department”. When you run a small business, you wear a lot of hats, as Nate discovers during the first big day for his small design company.

In “Arrival” a small business owner shows that money isn’t the only reward you get from working.
See how Wells Fargo can help you manage the wealth you worked so hard to build.

Gaby’s Natural Beauty Products receives a phone call. To connect the call to the Sales Department, we see that the business is a small family business of parent (Gaby) and their two daughters, which works in the same house in which they live. The new order is solved with the effective help of the entire family.

Wells Fargo Together Credits

The Wells Fargo Together campaign was developed at BBDO San Francisco by chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative directors Matt Miller, Steve Rutter, Craig Mangan, associate creative directors Alex Stainton, Jakub Szymanski, art director Rachael Kelly and copywriter Taylor Garrett (Sign Language), art director George Thorman and copywriter Jared Johnsen (Souvenir), producer Lisa Christman, music producer Melissa Chester, group account director Evyn Zell, account director Carolyn Phillips, account supervisor William Jones, strategy team Gordon McLean, Melissa Miller, Kelleen Peckham.

Filming for Sign Language and Souvenir was shot by directors Lance Acord (Sign Language, Souvenir) and Lisa Rubisch (Waiting, Sales Department) via Park Pictures with director of photography Laust Trier Mørk (Waiting, Sales Department), executive producers Carolina Kousidonis and Maryann Marino.

Editors were Matt Murphy (Sign Language/Waiting/Sales Dept) at Exile Edit, Rick Lawley (Souvenir) at Whitehouse Post.