Volvo LifePaint for Bikes

Volvo UK has launched LifePaint, a safety product designed to enhance the safety of cyclists riding at night. Developed in consultation with Swedish startup company Albedo100 and Grey London, the transparent safety spray is designed to light up at night under the glare of headlights. The spray can be applied to almost any fabric, including clothes, shoes, strollers, children’s backpacks, even dog leads and collars. It can be washed off and lasts for about a week after application. Volvo is giving away 2000 cans of LifePaint at six bicycle shops in London and Kent. If successful the project will be expanded across the UK, with the option of global expansion. The Volvo LifePaint campaign, online at, is designed to Volvo’s new XC90 car, which is built with added safety features.

Volvo LifePaint cyclists

“Our job isn’t just to advertise our clients,” said Nils Leonard, chairman and CCO of Grey London. “It’s to help them make a positive impact on culture. With the creation of LifePaint, we’ve turned Volvo safety inside out, giving it away to the most vulnerable road users. What more positive action can a brand take than to try to save lives?”

Grey also used LifePaint to create “invisible” black posters that only reveal their message in the flash of a smartphone.

“This is the sort of work we want to be making,” says Grey London creative director Hollie Newton. “Properly integrated innovation. Design a valuable, remarkable product for a brand, and then launch it with the same level of craft.”

Volvo LifePaint cyclist
Volvo LifePaint cyclist
Volvo LifePaint
Volvo LifePaint

Volvo LifePaint Credits

The Volvo Life Paint campaign was developed at Grey London by chief creative officer Nils Leonard, creative director Hollie Newton, creative team Jonas Roth, Rasmus Smith Bech, planner Wiktor Skoog, head of film Glenn Paton, integrated producer Francesca Mair, assistant producer Talia Shear, designer/typographer Chris Chapman, creative producers Helen Llewelyn and Glen McLeod, account team Cristyn Bevan, Sophie Critchley and Alex Nixon.

LifePaint was produced in collaboration with Albedo100.

Filming was shot by director Andrew Telling via Caviar with director of photography Jeremy Valender, executive producer Louise Gagen, and producer Adam Smith.

Editor was Matt Newman at GreyWorks. Colorist was Julien Biard at Finish. Post production was done at Gramercy Park Studios by VFX supervisor/lead Flame artist Mark Beardall, 2D artists Jamie Russell, Steve Miller, Kalle Kohlström, post producer Annika Gustavsson.

Sound was designed by Munzie Thind at Grand Central Studios. Music was composed by Adam Halogen at Wake The Town.

The microsite was developed by Paul Cackett, Piers Cleveland-Copeman and Johan Runge-Goransson at