Volvic The Giant

Volvic’s commercial, “The Giant”, also known as “La Force du Volcan” (The Strength of the Volcano), has won Gold for special effects and computer graphics at the Cresta Awards. The commercial, released in October 2014, was designed as an aesthetic and powerful evocation of the evolution of Planet Earth, from explosive beginnings to the present day, the story of the immortal strength of the volcano and its treasure, the water of Volvic. CGI reproduction of volcanic action, historic moments and creatures such as pterodactyls, is intertwined with footage shot in Iceland.

Volvic The Giant

The original commercial has a French voiceover. “Je suis un géant né du monde profond des entrailles de la Terre. J’ai vu la vie, j’ai fait la vie. Je l’ai vu courir sur mon ventre de pierre. Je suis fort, imprévisible, plus fort que les hommes, plus fort que le temps. Je suis la terre, le feu, l’eau. J’étais là au début et je serai là à la fin, car je n’ai pas de fin. Je suit immortel”

The English version:

“I am a giant born from the deepest entrails of the earth. I have seen life and made life and watched it flow down my flanks. I am strong. Unpredictable. Stronger than man. Stronger than time. I am earth, fire, water. I was here at the beginning and I will remain here until the end, because I have no end. I am immortal.”

Volvic Credits

The Volvic Power of the Volcano campaign was developed at Y&R Paris by creative director Pierrette Diaz, art directors Jerome Billet and Xavier Reye, designer Matthieu Vivinis, agency producers Valerie Montiel and Estelle Diot.

Filming was shot by director Johnny Green via Gang Films with director of photography Joost Van Gelder, producers Jean Villiers and Nathalie le Caer, production designer Pirra, line producer Rodolphe Lanaro, costume designer Olivier Beriot. Production in Iceland was by TrueNorth.

Editors were Walter Mauriot and Fred Baudet.

Visual effects were produced at Digital District by head of post Peggy Tavenne, VFX artist Julien Fabbris, 3D VFX artist Thomas Brand, VFX producer David Danesi, VFX shoot supervisor/tracking artist Pierre Pilard, Flame artist/compositor Bruno Maillard, matt painters Xavier Reye and Fabien Roumazeilles, 3D lead/animator Romuald Caudroit, lead texture artist Laurent Guarin, modeller Kevin Monthureux, modeller Jimmy Cavé, renderer Nicolas Belin, producers Jean-Marie Ravot, François Schmidt and Lolet Ong.

Sound was produced at 750mph and Y&R Paris studio The Shop by Sam Ashwell, Matthieu Devos and Vincent Nayrolles. Music, “Iron” by Woodkid, was supervised through The Shop.