Viking mow where you are

STIHL group Viking launched their new robotic lawn mower, the iMow, with a print advertising campaign with the tagline, “Mow where you are”. In an age where home robotics and wireless technology are taking over our lives, so too are these innovations entering our backyards. Not only can we program the iMow. We can also mow from wherever we are, even from a seat in the opera house or during a flight on a plane.

Viking Mow Where You Are - Opera house

Viking Mow Where You Are - Plane


The Viking Mow Where You Are campaign was developed at Altmann + Pacreau by creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Simon Ohayon, art director Joachim Lesne, agency management Edouard Pacreau and Thomas Vigneron working with Viking marketing team RĂ©gis Guimont and Gilles Olleris. Photography was by Christophe Huet at Asile Production.