UNHCR Mirror Effect for War Refugees

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is working with the Ukraine government to run a social media campaign designed to grow a tolerant attitude to internally displaced persons in Ukraine. “The Mirror”, the film at the heart of the campaign, is aimed at instilling empathy by planting a simple idea – anyone’s life can change in an instant beyond their will, momentarily shifting from peaceful calm to complete chaos of unknown. And while you’re still on a safe side, think how you would like to be treated, if you come to be – on the other.

UNHCR Mirror

UNHCR Mirror Credits

The Mirror campaign was developed at PROVID, Kiev, by creative director Serhii Zinoview, creative group head/copywriter Vlad Galyapa, art director Mariia Plotnikova, and account director Elena Guk working with UNHCR public information officer Nina Sorokopud and public information assistant Ivanna Myronenko-Dribna.

Filming was shot by director Ivan Sautkin via ESSE Production House with director of photography Yuriy Barsuk, art director Nikolay Kishuk, 1st AD Sergey Kornienko, producer Daria Stepani, executive producer Vitaliy Sheremetiev.

Post production was done at Terminal FX by executive producer Roman Bazuchenko, heads of commercial post production Sergey Chistyak, Dmitriy Chistyak, post production producer Anna Viktorova.

Sound was designed by Artem Mostovoy.