Turner Colours of Life

Turner Colour Works wanted to create a corporate ad featuring its wide range of colours, brilliance and unique overpainting feature of Turner Acryl Gouache. Dentsu worked with Turner Colours to use use all 216 Acryl Gouache colours to paint four living creatures over a 2-year period to give life to each creature with colours. Two thousand still photos were shot to show the technique of detailed painting to portray the unique product features and produce a stop-motion television commercial. As people talked about the exhibitions, transit ads and television campaign, workshops for children were conducted spreading the joy of painting to a wide range of age groups. Packages of the poster design were sold resulting in sales of 2,000 pieces in 2 weeks. Exhibitions are touring galleries in Japan and around the world.

Turner Colours of Life Tiger

Turner Colours of Life Parrot

Turner Colours of Life Fish
Turner Colours of Life Insect
Turner Colours of Life Tubes
Turner Colours of Life Tubes
Turner Colours of Life Tubes

Turner Colours of Life Credits

The Turner Colours of Life campaign was developed at Dentsu Inc, Tokyo, by copywriter Dai Hirose, creative director/art director and illustrator Hideto Yagi, producer Baba Komei, photographers Takaya Sakano and Oakada Rui, music director Tatsuya Yamada, designers Yosuke Sugioka, Hiroaki Osanai and Kanae Saito, and film director Shinya Nakajima.