The Most Boring video in the World

The Arrels Foundation (Fundación Arrels) in Barcelona has been raising awareness of their work with the homeless with The Most Boring Video in the World”. The commercial presents a man standing on a street where he was recently sleeping homeless. He begins by talking through the ways in which the video is missing the usual viral memes of cats, babies or boy bands. What is distinctive about the video is connection of key words that connect with premium Google ads, words associated with a lifestyle not accessible to the homeless.

The Most Boring Video in the World

“This video talks of luxury, house, mansion, friends, cars, travel, first class, happiness, premium, car insurance, don’t worry, there’s no mistake in the text, read on, mobiles, handbags, love, friendship, exclusive, enjoy, dresses, clothes, yes, read on, the youtube software is looking at us and we have to trick it, beauty, youth, dream home, mortgages, mobile telephony, finance, new cars, shoes, medical insurance, banks, credit cards, mortgage simulator, house insurance, adsl offers and all kinds of words which, linked to this video, through youtube software, make advertisers automatically pay to appear round about, so they unwittingly help the Arrels Foundation and thousands of homeless. Please share this.”

Most Boring video Credits

The Most Boring Video in the World campaign was developed at The Cyranos/McCann, Barcelona, by creative president Leandro Raposo, executive creative director Pablo Colonnese, creative directors David Fernández and Joaquín Espagnol, art directors Alejandro García, Fernando Javier Riveros and Eduard Cubel, copywriters Nil Murtra, Matías López, Jaume Rufach, Silvia Ocaña, Marcelo Idárraga, general director Federico Duberti, strategic planning director Oriol Bombí, planner Marc Blanco, director of production Alba Riart, producer Ana Tejada, assistant producer Paulina Ramírez, project manager Celeste Ruíz, director of client services Fernanda Pierri, account director Anna Gil Marés, account executive Laia Gilibets.

Filming was produced at Óxigeno, Barcelona.

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