The Man and The Dog Inspiring Organ Donation

FATH (Fundación Argentina de Trasplante Hepático) is promoting the value of organ donation worldwide with “The man and the dog” (El hombre y el perro), a heart-warming commercial launched in association with Argentina’s National Organ Donation Day (30 May). The 90 second commercial is inspired by the story of Hachikō, a Japanese Akita dog who looked out for his deceased master for ten years after his death in 1925.

The Man and the Dog - FATH organ donor commercial from Argentina

The Man and his Dog follows the story of an elderly man and his dog, establishing their bond in the opening part of the ad before the man suddenly collapses and is taken away by an ambulance. Our canine companion follows the ambulance to the hospital where he waits outside in vain for his master. Instead, he bonds with a woman who hospital staff rolls out on a wheelchair — the implication being that she survived thanks to the man donating his organs.

DDB Argentina did their work pro bono for Argentina Foundation Liver Transplantation (FATH), an NGO nonprofit that for 18 years ago has supported patients and their families who have to travel to Buenos Aires to perform studies and treatments linked to the pre and post transplant. FATH relies on support from businesses and individuals. Argentina viewers are invited to express their desire to be donors at Instituto Nacional Central Único Coordinador de Ablación e Implante (Incucai).

The man and the dog Credits

The Man and the Dog spot was developed at DDB Argentina, Buenos Aires, by executive creative director Beto Cocito, creative VP Hernan Jauregui, agency producer Diane Jackson, creative manager Pablo Banchieri and account director Daniela Tucci.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz via Central Films North with executive producer John Barrerio and conceptualizer Leandro Custo, with local production through Rebolucion executive producer Patricio Alvarez Casado.

Editor was Matthew Wood at Whitehouse Post with assistant editor Caleb Hepler, executive producer Kristin Branstetter and producer Caitlin Morris.

Visual effects and design were produced at The Mill by executive producer Andrew Sommerville, VFX producer Samantha Letzler, 2D lead artist Randy McEntee, 2D artists Jonathan Freeman and Michael Sarabia, colourist Luke Morrison.

Sound was produced by Nicholas Papaleo at DDB Chicago. Music is “Stuff We Did”, composed by Michael Giacchino for the Disney/Pixar film Up.