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Intelligi, a lifestyle technology and design team from Australia, has launched the Sippo Smart Cup via Indiegogo. Ever had trouble remembering to drink enough water? Sippo is a smart cup made from premium stainless steel. It empowers you to stay hydrated through your busy day — all controlled through your mobile device. The Sippo Smart Cup will be connected through Bluetooth via the Sippo app. After connecting your device to the smart cup, the consumer will enter the required information and a recommended goal will be generated within seconds. Fill your cup with either hot or cold beverages, and you’re ready to go. Sippo tracks your consumption automatically, and when you forget, it alerts you. The cup’s online at

Sippo cup with smart phone

Sippo cup with smart phone

The Sippo smart cup was developed by Troy Gay and Daniel Roney from Melbourne, Australia, who have launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo ( to bring the Sippo Smart Cup to market. The pair set out to raise USD $25,000 (AUD$35,000) to finish the development of the smart phone application, product engineering, and approvals. After just four days they have already surpassed their target. They intend to be the first to deliver a product in this category, shipping in time for the holiday season.

“Not drinking enough water leaves you tired, fatigued and dehydrated. There are serious health risks such as kidney stones, bladder cancer, and heart attacks that could be detrimental to your health in the long run,” said Sippo co-founder Daniel Roney. “I used to have this problem all the time. I’d start the day promising to drink more. But, then I would get busy and forget. That’s why we have released Sippo, to help busy people stay hydrated. The Sippo app will manage your water intake so you can focus on other things. We were very excited to launch our Indiegogo campaign, which offers some amazing introduction pricing.”

About Intelligi

Intelligi, is a start-up innovative design company founded by Troy Gay and Daniel Roney from Melbourne, Australia. Intelligi has brought a talented team of passionate people together to help bring innovative consumer products to life.

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