Shiseido High School Girls?

Shiseido, the Japanese hair care and cosmetics manufacturer, along with Japanese film production company Watts of Tokyo, has won the Grand Prix for Film at the 2015 Epica Awards. The film “Shiseido High School Girls”, takes us into a classroom in which attractive students look at the camera, made up in Shiseido’s products. Halfway through the film we’re let into the secret behind the high school girls appearance. A student holds a book in which the Japanese words translated into English read, “Did you realize that there are boys in this classroom?”. The tagline, written on paper at the end, “Anyone can be cute”. The campaign is online at

Shiseido High School Girls

Filming was shot in one continuous take over more than seven hours. “The students remained in the same position for the entire time, sometimes with their arms and legs shaking from the strain, as they were undressed, dressed and made up,” says Shiseido’s Aya Tsui.

Shiseido High School Girls picture of woman and man

Shiseido High School Girls? Credits

The Shiseido High School Girls project was developed at Shiseido by strategic communication team Yoichiro Senda, Koichi Hanyu, Momoko Kimura and Aya Tsui, creative director Masato Kosukegawa, copywriter Akira Shima, and web director Tomoaki Yamuna, with Watts of Tokyo executive producer Yoshiko Imai, producer Masahiro Kojima, production managers Hidenori Tsumoto, Kenji Nishina, assistant production managers Koun Noh and Wataru Shimo, with stylist Takeshi Kawasaki and location manager Hiro Kuni.

Hair and make up artists were Shiseido Beauty Creation Research Centre Team: chief makeup artist Ai Nieda, chief hair stylist Mikita Fujioka, with Nobuko Yamada, Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Jun Nakamura, Joji Taniguchi, Tomomi Shibusawa, Yuki Nishikori, Sachiko Hayashi.

Filming was shot by director Show Yanagisawa via The Directors Guild with director of photography/photographer Jin Ohashi, lighting director Masami Noguchi, online editor Kenichi Sasaki, offline editor Shiho Etori, choreographer Psyche. Motion control was by MOLIcule moco.

Music is “Wanna” by Grand Funk composer Kazuyoshi Tonami, performed by Spanova featuring Izumi Makura & Itto.