Scrabble Anagram Christmas

Mattel is promoting a positive take on life over Christmas with Scrabble Anagram Christmas, a commercial produced in Spain. The commercial tells the story of a man who finds an abused and abandoned dog and decides to bring him home to his family. Without realizing it, this new addition to the family sets off a chain of events that make the whole family see things more positively. The heartfelt story is told with antigrams, a special kind of anagrams, whose letters can be rearranged to produce a new word with an opposite meaning.

Scrabble Anagram Christmas

The Anagram Christmas commercial film is part of Mattel’s “There’s Magic in Words” campaign launched earlier in 2015 with “Anagram Lovers,” a whimsical love story.

Anagram Campaign

“Anagram Christmas” tells a compelling story that has Scrabble´s greatest element at the heart of it, words. It is a beautiful illustration of our brand belief that there is magic in words,” says Tharyn Estevez, Mattel Marketing Director Girls, Games & Outdoors EuRoMEA.

“After Anagram Lovers connected so well with people, we knew we had to do something even better. Stepping up from anagrams to antigrams, gave us the opportunity to build on the brand philosophy and create something really special for Christmas,” says Pancho Cassis, executive creative director at LOLA.

Scrabble Anagram Christmas Credits

The Scrabble Anagram Christmas ad was developed at LOLA (Mullen Lowe), Madrid, by chief creative officer Chaco Puebla, executive creative director Pancho Cassis, creative directors Tomás Ostiglia and Juan Sevilla, copywriter André Toledo, art directors Lucas Reis and Saulo Rocha, producer Florencia Caputo, global business director Tom O’Brien, account director Rocío Abarca, account supervisor Jessica Otero, director of AV production Cristina Español, working with Mattel marketing team Tharyn Estevez and Montse Franch.

Filming was shot by director Marçal Forés via Canada with executive producer Oscar Romagosa, head of production Alba Barneda, producer Laura Serra Estorch, stylist Alba Costa, production manager Nacho Piñar, production designer José Tirado, and director of photography Neus Ollé.

Casting was by Lane Casting. Editor was María Antón. Post production was done at Ymagis. Sound and music were produced at Antfood.