Reebok Swet

Global fitness leader Reebok today announced that it is making a foray into the fragrance market by launching its first ever scent, ‘swět.’ Inspired by the rich scent of perspiration following an intense workout, swět was created in the fitness center at Reebok World Headquarters. swět has been two years in the making and stands alone as a fragrance celebrating the effort that goes into each and every workout. With swět, the greatest scent in the world no longer has to be temporary.

Reebok Swet

To capture the distinctive blend of human sweat, Reebok invited a top scent creator to gather actual drops of perspiration from fitness enthusiasts throughout the company. While they worked out, the fragrance team tirelessly collected a broad range of sweats from the Reebok team members. These carefully collated samples were then transported to a fragrance distillery where, using the human sweat as a base, swět was slowly formulated. The team went through hundreds of iterations of the fragrance and, over the course of a two-year development process, the testers were eventually satisfied that the final blend perfectly evoked the true scent of sweat.

Reebok President, Matt O’Toole, commented: “There are countless other fragrances out there, from celebrity scents to designer colognes, but none that captures the unadulterated aroma of fitness. Our first fragrance is something real that you can wear every day. It has a powerful profile, bursting with top notes of salt and underscored by a rich vinegary base. Why smell like woodlands, meadows and lilies when you can smell of human?”

Made for athletes by athletes, the product launches today accompanied by a provocative black-and-white film. The 15-second teaser video shows athletes basking in their own sweat before it reveals Reebok’s intoxicating new fragrance. The launch is supported with a 360˚ cross-channel marketing campaign across TV, print and broadcast.


The April 1 Reebok Swet campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi.

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