Reebok Free Range

Reebok has released “Free Range”, a commercial starring a chicken searching for an alternative to her barn and cage environment. The chicken escapes its coop and heads off across the fields and roads to find a new life. The turning point is seeing a billboard advertising a fitness barn while runners whiz past enjoying the outdoors. Online at, the #LiveFreeRange campaign is designed to associate Reebok with fulfilling and rewarding physical activity that inspires lifelong commitment.

Reebok Free Range Chicken

Reebok has sent Break Free t-shirts to online opinion leaders urging them to #LiveFreeRange and share their experiences online. Social media channels were used to identify New Year’s resolution posts in line with Reebok’s philosophy. Each t-shirt, featuring the consumer’s very own resolutions printed on them, is being sent out in egg-carton shaped pack.

Reebok Break Free box
Reebok Break Free box
Reebok Break Free Egg Carton

Reebok Free Range Campaign

The Break Free campaign was released mid-January to coincide with the time that New Year resolutions are most commonly broken or fail. Reebok wants to send a clear message that the reason people fall off the wagon and go back to their sedentary habits is because they’ve bought into a fitness culture that is broken – one that should be traded in for an untethered, inspiring health and fitness lifestyle.

“At Reebok we believe you shouldn’t make resolutions for only a year; rather, you should make them for life,” said Matt O’Toole, Reebok Brand President. “This is why we work with partners such as CrossFit, Spartan Race and Les Mills; fitness inspiration that provides the motivation to live out your resolution — motivations like community, versatility and pushing limits. Reebok believes an active life goes beyond physical benefits; it’s about bettering yourself mentally and socially as well. This is a point of view embodied in the brand’s new symbol, the Reebok Delta.”

Yan Martin, Vice President of Global Brand Communications at Reebok, says, “Some might wonder why the star of our new film is a chicken. Like our humble chicken, who escapes his coop in search of greener fields, we are encouraging people to break free from conventional fitness resolutions to push themselves and their fitness.”

Reebok Free Range Chicken
Reebok Free Range or Fitness Barn

Reebok Free Range Credits

The Reebok Free Range campaign was developed at Venables Bell & Partners by executive creative director Will McGinness, creative directors Tom Scharpf, Erich Pfeifer and Eric Boyd, art director Byron Del Rosario, copywriters Meredith Karr and Allan Eakin, director of integrated production Craig Allen, head of strategy Michael Davidson, senior brand strategist Jake Bayham, director of interactive production Manjula Nadkarni, production coordinator Megan Wasserman, experiential producer Natalie Stone, digital producer Ashley Smith, account director Lilli Jonas, account manager Danielle Sabalvaro and project manager Daniela Contreras.

Filming was shot by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks with director of photography Simon Duggan, executive producers Shawn Lacy and Colleen O’Donnell, line producer Jay Veal.

Editor was Stewart Reeves at Rock Paper Scissors with assistant editor Luke McIntosh and producer Leah Carnahan.

Visual effects were produced at A52 by VFX supervisor Andy Mckenna, 2D VFX artists Andy Mckenna, Hugh Seville, Michael Vagilenty, Andy Rafael Barrios, Steve Wolff, Cameron Combs, Richard Hirst, CG lead Andy Wilkoff, 3D artists Adam Newman, Ian Ruhfass, Jon Balcome, Brian Lee, Adam Carter, Shelby Stong, Joe Chiechi, Ardy Ala, Michael Cardenas, Joe Paniagua, Jose Limon, Christopher Janney, Wendy Klein, Tom Connors, TIffany Chou, Erin Clarke, Nick Shiotelis, John Cherniak, animation director Andy Hall, 3D animators Abel Salazar, Sam Ortiz, Tom Gurney, Erik Lee, Cody Woodard, colorist Paul Yacono, Roto artists Cathy Shaw, Robert Shaw, producer Heather Johann and executive producer Jennifer Sofio Hall.

Sound was designed and mixed at 740 Sound Design by sound designer Rommel Molina.

Music was produced at Elias Arts.