Reebok Freak Show to Be More Human

Reebok ran “Freak Show” as their 2015 Super Bowl commercial, the latest in their “Be More Human” advertising campaign. The spot acknowledges that tough fitness is a lifestyle not always understood. Its methods are intense, demanding and require real commitment. “Freak Show” is a celebration of those who have chosen to be more than they thought they could be through fitness. It is a challenge to all viewers to “Be More Human.” The Be More Human campaign, online at, includes other commercials (“Dig Deep!” “Honor Your Body!”), a “Human Score” video (presenting a test “designed to distill our humanness to a numeric value”), and the “Be More Human Online Experience,” a cross-channel platform loaded with tools, information and activities. Reebok’s logo is now a delta, with sides representing the physical, mental and social change that can be achieved through fitness and healthy living.

Reebok Freak Show

Reebok Be More Human
Reebok Be More Human
Reebok Be More Human site
Reebok Be More Human site - Human Score
Reebok Be More Human site - Grey Matters
Reebok Be More Human site - Break Your Selfie

Reebok Freak Show Credits

The Reebok Freak Show ad was developed at Venables Bell & Partners by executive creative directors Will McGinness, creative director Erich Pfeifer, copywriter Matt Keats, art director Matt Miller, agency executive producer Joyce Chen and account director John Weber working with Reebok global advertising manager Avelina Daum, director of global brand advertising Chris Bruyere and VP global brand communications Yan Martin.

Filming was shot by director AG Rojas via Park Pictures with executive producers Jackie Keisman Bisbee and Mary Ann Marino, head of production Anne Bobroff, producer Pete Vitale, and director of photography Roman Vasyanov.

Editing was done at Exile Edit.

Visual effects and grade were produced at The Mill by senior executive producer Sue Trojan, executive producer (color) Thatcher Peterson, producer Will Lemmon, producer (color) Natalie Westerfield, shoot supervisor Phil Crowe,e 2D lead artists Stefan Smith, 2D artists Steve Gibbons, colourist Gregory Reese, production coordinator Benjamin Sposato and production coordinator (color) Diane Valera.

Sound was produced at Therapy Studios by Eddie Kim.