Reclaim the Kitchen with Sub-Zero and Wolf

Numerous studies show the social and physical benefits of people cooking and eating meals together. Wolf Appliances and agency The Richards Group launched “Reclaim the Kitchen,” to cook up inspiration and unite families over breaking bread (or rather – simple, delicious dishes). At the center of this initiative is a film that artfully engages audiences in joys of home cooking, and is a playful and imaginative feast for the eyes.

Reclaim The Kitchen - Cook Together

Reclaim the Kitchen Campaign

“This project opened our eyes to the importance of home cooked meals, even one or two a week,” explains The Richards Group Copywriter Dave Longfield. “We wanted to speak thoughtfully about the subject and even spark a movement, with Wolf in the leadership role. The branded content film is all about inspiring participation and conversation – hopefully in the kitchen and around the dinner table.”

Reclaim The Kitchen - Fruit & Vegetables

In “Reclaim the Kitchen” the viewer’s point of view is that of active participant, sitting at a dinner table, or making sumptuous dishes. The project is a wealth of information, from statistics to suggestions, created from the very driver of the conversation: food. The film is featured on, a site created to offer tools to cook with confidence.

Reclaim The Kitchen - Cook Together
Reclaim The Kitchen - Cook Together
Reclaim The Kitchen - Plan Your Meals

“We wanted to embody the message visually and to keep audiences entertained while authentically connecting to Wolf’s brand ethos,” adds art director Brian Linder. “The simmering sounds of cooking, the clinking of dishes and other subtle elements designed by Scottie helped carry the message and surround the viewer in the moment. These often-overlooked aspects of a meal are powerful and engaging.”

Reclaim The Kitchen - Cook Together
Reclaim The Kitchen - Clock
Reclaim The Kitchen - Flan
Reclaim The Kitchen - Cook WWW
Reclaim The Kitchen - Dollar

“Our goal was to key off of the verbal cues and visuals with both sound design and music edits so that they were additional characters in the narrative. In some sections, we chose an absence of sound to allow moments to breathe and stand out,” comments Richardson.

“This is the kind of project you never want to end,” he continues, “the creative is new and fresh, and by the end you are inspired to take an inventory on your own patterns. I can honestly say the message struck a cord. My wife and I now plan dinners and have started cooking with our kids. This is a project that changed my lifestyle for the better.”

Reclaim the Kitchen Credits

The Reclaim The Kitchen campaign was developed at The Richards Group by copywriter Dave Longfield, art director Brian Linder and producer David Rucker.

Filming was shot by directors Brikk via The Academy.

Sound was designed and mixed at Lucky Post by audio engineer Scottie Richardson and executive producer Jessica Berry.