Prudential Fishermen of Consistency

Prudential South Africa has launched “The Fishermen”, a television commercial set in a fishing village in Madagascar. The boy and his grandfather fished. That was their life. They belonged more to the ocean than the land. But one season the fishing was lean. The other fisherman eventually gave up. The boy asked his grandfather why they kept going out to sea if there were no fish. The grandfather didn’t reply. He just kept doing what he always did – fishing. And when at last they pulled in their net, heavy with fish, it was the boy, not the grandfather, who felt the full weight of the catch. And that night by the fire, the boy looked up and marvelled not at the stars, but at the power of consistency – doing the right things right, day after day, month after month, no matter what the conditions. Because consistency is the only currency that matters. The commercial is linked to the web site,

Prudential The Fishermen

The film, shot entirely on location in remote Madagascar, using only local cast. Casting and scouting started in early November in the peak of the cyclone season and took us from the NW to the NE coast in search of the perfect village and cast. Capturing and staying true to the authenticity of the people and their world was the goal.

Prudential The Fishermen
Prudential The Fishermen

The Fishermen commercial follows on from the success of “South Pole”, telling the story of Scott’s attempt to be first to the South Pole.

Prudential Fishermen Credits

The Prudential Fishermen campaign was developed at Lowe Cape Town by executive creative director Kirk Gainsford, creative director Alistair Morgan, art director Bruce Harris, producer Riska Emeran, account manager Sarah Hall working with Prudential marketing director Sumaya Davenhill and brand manager Grayson Raynier.

Filming was shot by director Kim Geldenhuys via 0307 with directors of photography Alard De Smidt and Jason Hearn, producer Tess Tambourlas and art director Craig Brorson.

Editor was Kobus Loots at Upstairs Post. Post production was done at Black Ginger.

Sound was designed at TheWorkRoom by Stephen Webster. Music was produced at Pulse Music.