Pharrell Williams Happy for 24 Hours

Pharrell Williams‘ music video for Happy has won Best Music Video at the 2015 Grammy Awards, the latest achievement in a series including a Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity in 2014. The music video, filmed over 15 days, lasts for 24 hours on the site Originally written for the film Despicable Me 2, the track needed a boost in sales. 300 everyday people were filmed dancing to the music track, conveying their own experience of happiness. Cameo appearances include Steve Carell, the voice of Gru., Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler the Creator and Kelly Osbourne

Pharrell Williams Happy music video

The online Happiness video plays behind an interactive 24 hour clock. Users are initially taken to their local time but have the choice of times. Pharrell Williams appears at the beginning of each hour.

Pharrell Williams Happy music video
Pharrell Williams Presents Happy music video
Pharrell Williams Happy music video at 11.20 pm
Pharrell Williams Happy music video featuring Steve Carrell
Pharrell Williams Happy music video featuring Gru

Pharrell Williams Happy Credits

Filming for Pharrell Williams Happy 24 Hours was shot in Los Angeles for Columbia Records by directing collective We Are From LA via Iconoclast, with creative director Yoann Lemoine, director of photography Alexis Zabe, creative director Mimi Valdes, executive producer Kathleen Heffernan, producers Roman Pichon Herrera, Jett Steiger, line producer Cedric Troadec, interactive executive producer Solal Micenmacher, 1st assistant director Brandeaux Tourville, 2nd assistant director Trina Peterson, steadicam operator Jon Beattie, location manager Jason Wisch, production assistant Brady Heiser.

Post production was by editor Walter Mauriot and colourist Mathieu Caplanne at Nightshift.

Cast include Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Jasper Dolphin from Odd Future (1.48 pm), Steve Carell (5.08 pm), Jimmy Kimmel (11.48 am), Jamie Foxx (5.28 pm), Magic Johnson (5.36 am), Kelly Osbourne (1.28 am), Iman Crosson (12.40), Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan (1.32 am), James Franco, The Minions (5.32 am and 4.40 pm), Jamie Foxx (5.28 pm) and Miranda Cosgrove (5.42 pm).