OK Go Red Star Macalline stunts and illusions

OK Go has launched a commercial for Red Star Macalline, the Chinese furniture chain, using a remix of their track “I won’t let you down” and visual references to optical illusions used in their 2014 music video “The Writing’s on the Wall“. OK Go have included a behind-the-scenes film on their YouTube channel, revealing their secret to walking upside down on the ceiling.

OK Go Macalline commercial

OK Go Macalline commercial
OK Go Macalline commercial
OK Go Macalline commercial

OK Go Red Star Macalline Credits

The OK Go Red Star Macalline campaign was developed at 25 Hours, Shanghai, by executive creative director Lei Tao, creative director Song Zhang, art directors Lei Shi and Binyan Huang, account director Lingning Yan and account executives Yan Huang and Da Li.

Filming was shot in China by director Damian Kulash, Jr. and co-director/creative director Mary Fagot with executive producer Fung Ni at Steam, Shanghai, director of photography Luke Geissbuhler, art director Julius Mak, production manager Bihong Chan and assistant director Joan Chen, executive producer Xiaoming Tang, production assistants Jojo Ying, Yuanbiao Wang, Yong Dong Longhui Li Yi Zheng, translators Lingyi Chen, Yifei Gu, runner Chao Huang and transport coordinator Shuguang You.

Photography was by steadicam operator Alec Jarnagin, 1st assistant Kenan Qi, assistants Xinfeng Zhang Hongyan and Zhang Yanru, equipment producer Wei Pang, digital image engineer Tiger, with equipment provided by Yiying Shanghai. Lighting was by Kok Kin Wing, 1st assistant Jingdong Wang, lighting assistants Bin Xu, Xinbin Jiang, Yongchao Hu, Chaoliang Wang, Yang An, lighting equipment officer Chenjun Zhou.

Art was by 1st assistant Ong Wan Hoong, art assistants Harris Eddie Sequerah and Rae Chen, props officer Songyi Wu, studio factory manager Yubin Xia and recordist Yan Xia.

Casting was by Fei Huang and Jingyuan Yuan. Choreographer Guanglei Zhang worked with dancers Weijia zhou, Chuanjing XU, Kaijie Wang, Xi Xu, Zhijing Cao, Yimian Song, Xuqin Hua, Wentao Fan, Qin Zhang, Xubin Geng, Chunmeng Yan. Costumes were designed by stylist director Mengjia Zhan with stylists Yuanjun Xiao, Shiqi Zhang, Yinghui Huang, Zhihui Wang, Chen Wang, Bin Lang, Huiting Wang.

Post production was done at Liveplus Shanghai and Film Valley Shanghai by offline editor Fenny, colourist Jian Wang, online users CiCi & Yuqian Jin, post producer Jojo Ying, behind-the-scenes producer Steven.

Music was produced at Take One, Shanghai.