NSPCC Share Aware with Your Willy and Lucy

NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) in the UK is running “Share Aware”, an online safety campaign giving parents a range of practical and engaging information and tools to help their children to enjoy the web safely. The campaign launches with two short animated films, “I Saw Your Willy”, and “Lucy and The Boy”, each dramatising how quickly things can go wrong when you share things you shouldn’t online. “I Saw Your Willy” shows a young boy innocently mucking around with his mate and their smartphones. But a split second decision to share something he shouldn’t creates a snowball effect that follows him wherever he goes. “Lucy and the Boy” demonstrates that online chatting with what one assumes to be peers is not always what it seems.

NSPCC I Saw Your Willy

The NSPCC Share Aware campaign includes ‘Net Aware’, no-nonsense online guide to the social networks, sites and apps that children use, featuring ratings from both children and parents and produced in partnership with Mumsnet. A downloadable guide provides tips for parents on keeping children safe online.

NSPCC Share Aware booklet cover

NSPCC Share Aware Credits

The Share Aware campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Change, London, by copywriter Alison Steven, art director Liam Bushby, creative director Beri Cheetham, executive creative director Justin Tindall, planner Kit Altin, agency producers Abby Jenkins and Bruce Macrae, account director Sarah-Jane Ljundstrom, senior account manager Danielle Locke working with NSPCC head of marketing Tessa Herbert, creative director Mark Tobin, content development manager Louis Haywood and brand marketing manager Laura Murphy.

Media was handled at OMD by planner Alexandra Gill.

“I Saw Your Willy” and “Lucy and The Boy” were produced at Hornet Inc by directors Dan & Jason, director Yves Geleyn, editor Anita Chao, executive producer Jan Stebbins, producer Cathy Kwan, storyboard artist Carlos Ancalmo, lead character designer Adrian Johnson, designer Anna Bron, animation director Mike Luzzi, animators Angela DeVito, Jacob Kafka, Keelmy Carlo, Krystal Downs, Mike Luzzi, Mark Pecoraro, Natalie Labarre, Nivedita Sekar, Sean Lattrell, lead compositor Ted Wiggin, compositors Richard Kim and Stephanie Andreou.

Post production was done at Prodigious.

Audio post production was done at Nick Angell at Angell Sound.