NOAH Fine Art of Exterminating Rhinos

NOAH Menschen für Tiere (NOAH People for Animals) is running a print advertising campaign raising awareness of rhinoceros slaughter. A rhino is shown with its two horns being whittled away to form miniature sculptures. “The fine art of exterminating an entire species. Rhinos have survived predators, climate change and disease for 50 million years. But it’s Asia’s soaring demand for rhino horn that will doom them: every 14 hours a rhino is killed. Help us save the last rhinos.” Although most of the market in rhinoceros horn in Asia is linked to medicinal use, there is a growing market in rhino horn sculpture.

NOAH Rhino Horn Fine Art print advertisement

The rhino featured in the NOAH ad is “Mzima” at Berlin Zoo, photographed in black and white by Alexander von Reiswitz, the first photo from his series Zoogestalten. Here’s the original photograph along with the German version of the NOAH advertisement.

Mzima rhino by Alexander von Reiswitz

NOAH Rhino Horn Fine Art print advertisement


The NOAH Fine Art of Exterminating campaign was developed at Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, by chief creative officer/copywriter Ralf Heuel, creative director/art director André Price, creative director/copywriter Jan-Florian Ege, art buyer Indra Hohns, account director Biljana Retzlik.

Photography was by Alexander von Reiswitz (represented by EXPOSE photographers).

Post production was done at GLOSS Postproduction and Lucie&Lisann by producer Christian Mai, graphic artist Yasemin Boyraz, retouchers Tommy Szewczuk and Edwin Immel, 3D artist and designer Christian Völkner.