Midttrafik Epic Bus The Sequel

Midttrafik in Denmark has launched a sequel to the award-winning viral hit The Bus, following on from the 2012 film with a commercial celebrating the young hip passenger. The ad celebrates the passenger’s New York hairstyle from Salon Mogens, outlet sneakers with double knots, old school windbreaker with zipper, popularity with the girls at work, and his Paraguayan beauty queen girlfriend. Riding on the bus with the passenger leads a businessman to set fire to his luxury vehicle and live the life fantastic on the Midttrafik buses. The campaign is supported with print campaign and on buses, in shelters and with online activities on Facebook

Midttrafik Epic Bus Passenger

“We can not promote us to a good reputation, but we can use the film to create awareness and signaling a new era for public transport,” says Mette Julbo, deputy director of Midttrafik. She continues: “It is about achieving pride in the young. Pride for the choices they make when they jump on the bus – we need ambassadors. We need to support our marketing and other initiatives we are taking to make the bus more attractive to young people.”

Find happiness in the bus

The new commercials will appear from 2nd to 22nd February in central Jutland cinemas. Passengers on Midttrafik buses during this time should look out for lucky coins that can be redeemed with the bus driver in exchange for a great experience. in the period, it pays to look carefully around his seat. There will be saved luck coins that can be redeemed for a good experience from the driver.

Midttrafik Epic Bus Passenger
Midttrafik Epic Bus Watchers
Midttrafik Epic Bus Businessman and Flame

Midttrafik Epic Bus The Sequel Credits

The Midttrafik Epic Bus The Sequel was developed by at M2Film by creatives Falkenberg&Falkenberg, Jan P. and Ronni Madsen.

Filming was shot by director Peter Harton via M2Film with director of photography Peter Riis, editors Peter Brandt and Rasmus Pilgaard, production manager Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen, line producer Bjarke Toft and post producer Lisa Fonnesbæk.