McDonalds Signs Tell A Story – Carry On

McDonalds USA is running an advertising campaign featuring local McDonald’s restaurant signs, linked with a Tumblr site exploring the stories behind the signs. Online at, the the campaign highlights the local partnerships developed between restaurants and their communities, ranging from support in times of tragedy and disaster through to celebration of births, marriages and birthdays. The commercial, first aired in the USA during NFL Divisional Playoff games and the Golden Globe Awards, presents signs in slideshow format accompanied by “Carry On”, originally performed by pop band Fun but covered here by a small children’s choir.

McDonald's sign - A little lovin' goes a long way

Local Signs

  • The aftermath of 9/11 in New York City
  • The rescue of nine coal miners trapped near Somerset, PA, in 2002
  • The Space Shuttle Columbia explosion in February 2003, noted on a Houston restaurant sign.
  • The news of a factory closing in Toledo, Ohio
  • A 30th wedding anniversary in Chesapeake, VA
  • The return of 442nd Fighter Wing crew from active duty in Afghanistan to Whiteman, Missouri
  • McDonald’s Boston support in the days after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
  • McDonald’s Vero Beach in Florida continuing to trade after Hurricane Jeanne
  • Pray For Drew, a Florida restaurant support of a campaign to support a young boy hit by a boat
  • On Veterans Day weekend, this McDonald’s Bethesda, MD, marking Veterans Day
  • McDonald’s in downtown Chicago supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • Watseka, Illinois restaurant response to flooding
  • A 95th birthday party in 2013 for Woody Beard at their Keller, TX, McDonalds
  • Sarah V, an employee at a McDonald’s in Illinois, gives birth to a girl

McDonald's sign - We all weep with the Colombia families
McDonald's sign - We Remember 911
McDonald's sign - A little lovin' Boston Strong
McDonald's sign - Pink Ribbon
McDonald's sign - Vero Beach

McDonalds Signs Credits

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