McDonalds Pay With Loving

McDonald’s in the USA is running “Pay With Loving”, a promotional campaign launched during the 2015 Super Bowl. Following the launch of McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” Super Bowl commercial, the company is bringing the idea to life at participating restaurants across the U.S. Customers who enter participating McDonald’s restaurants at randomized, predetermined times between Monday, Feb. 2 and Saturday, Feb. 14 each day will be selected at random to participate. For instance, breakfast might cost a friendly fist bump to the crew member on duty, lunch could be paid for with a call to a loved one and dinner could go for a compliment. McDonald’s is also encouraging people to share their Lovin’ experiences and join the conversation by following @McDonalds or by visiting McDonalds has posted the conditions by which they present the option of a Pay With Loving meal online at Inevitably, responses have been mixed. Being asked to call one’s mother or dance in public has apparently been anxiety-laden for some customers.

McDonalds Pay With Loving campaign

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McDonalds Trading Cash for Kindness
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McDonalds Pay With Loving Credits

The McDonalds Pay With Loving campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Chicago, by chief creative officer Susan Credle, executive creative director John Hansa, creative director Tony Katalinic, associate creative director/art director Jill Fix, associate creative director/copywriter Gloria Dusenberry, digital creative director Nuno Ferreira, head of production Vincent Geraghty, executive producer Denis Giroux, senior producer Bridget Rose, producer Ross Greenblat, business manager Shirley Costa, senior talent manager Linda Yuen, music supervisor Chris Clark, managing account director Jennifer Cacioppo, account directors Josh Raper, Jennifer Klopf, account supervisor Meredith Metzl, account executive Krystle Wahnschaffe, account manager Sue Rickey, planning directors Sarah Patterson, Howard Laubscher, Claudia Steer, legal advisor Carla Michelotti and clearance producer Thomas Clark.

Work at Arc Worldwide was by managing creative director Jim Carlton, creative director Susan Graan, creative director/copywriter Josh Lebowitz, associate creative director and art director Kevin Frank, art director Cristina Hernandez, copywriter Jack Dess, executive design director Alisa Wolfson, design director Brian Loehr, senior producer Janet Cohen, producer Melinda West, marketing operations director Amanda McKinney, account directors Lisa Lally and Amber Stanze, and account supervisor Suzanne Aguilar.

Filming was shot by director Sam Macon via Radar Studios with head of production Eve Cross, line producer Jonah Mueller, editor Mark P Smith, executive producer Graham Gangi, 2D artists Grant Cheney and Brian Willard

Colourist was Fred Keller at Filmworkers Club.

Sound was mixed at Another Country by mixer John Binder.