Libra I Am Fearless

Libra in Australia is running “I Am Fearless”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to help young women learn to deal with the things that are holding them back – their fears. is a place young women can visit, to share their own stories, and to feel they are not alone as they face their fears, big or small. The campaign has been launched with three inspirational women who talk about facing their deepest fears. Singer Megan Washington talks candidly about her debilitating stutter, “All the things I have done in my life that I am proud of are all things on the threshold of which I felt immense fear”. Actor Miranda Tapsell talks about the impact bullying and racism has had on her life, saying she quickly learned, “If I speak up against stuff, this is what I’m going to have to come up against”. Yoga entrepreneur Sammy Veall reveals she didn’t want to be known only as “the girl who got burned”. Megan, Miranda and Sammy talk about how facing those fears became a turning point in their lives and ultimately allowed them to become who they are today.

Libra I Am Fearless

Libra I Am Fearless Campaign

The campaign launched on Sunday night with a 30 sec TVC, several digital videos and an online platform housing exclusive content from all three ambassadors as well as real life stories from contributors from all walks of life. The campaign will continue to unfold over the coming months with the online platform remaining always on. The platform will remain fresh with a constant stream of updated articles, posts, images and real life stories. Libra have also updated their packaging to coincide with the launch.

Libra Dive Headfirst into Fear
Libra Be Fierce and Be Bold
Libra Don't Let Fear Decide Your Fate
Libra Live Fearless

Libra’s General Manager of Marketing, Jenny Nolch, says the campaign is the first time a brand in the category has taken this approach.

“Young women on the cusp of adulthood are experiencing a lot of firsts in their life – first job, first car, first flat, first day at uni. It’s both an exciting and a terrifying time. I Am Fearless is about inspiring these women to recognise that fear is a part of life and that moving outside your comfort zone is a big part of maturing as a person,” she said.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Executive Planning Director, Paul Rees-Jones, says for many young women, their early 20s is when a sense of being more in touch with who they are and what they want out of life begins to emerge.

“It’s significant for a brand to be tackling real cultural, societal issues in a category that has historically talked product features and benefits in a somewhat juvenile manner. When we talked to young women, they felt Libra had permission to do more. When we asked them about their fears they began to realise not facing fear was holding them back. Shining a light on those fears, acknowledging them and talking about them with people they trust didn’t make them disappear altogether, but it made them far easier to tackle and and learn to live with” he said.


The Libra I Am Fearless campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne by creative chairman James McGrath, executive creative director Ant Keogh, senior copywriter Hilary Badger, copywriter Shannon Crowe, art director Jackson Harper, social creative lead Chelsea Parks, executive producer Sonia von Bibra, executive planning director Paul Rees-Jones, digital strategist Christian Russell, group account director Naomi Gorringe, account director Kate Joiner, account executive Alex Mleczko, interactive director Kate Thompson, senior digital producer Gemma Seeto, digital producer Allan Ngo, print producer Nick Short, digital designer Adam Hengstberger, tester Sunny Sehgal, technical director Gil Fewster, senior developer Niall Rutter and developers at Fork Digital.

Asaleo Care Libra marketing team were executive general marketing manager Andrew Phillips, general marketing manager Jenny Nolch and senior Libra brand manager Carla Gilbert.

Filming of the Megan Washington ad was shot by director Amy Gebhardt via Exit Films with producer Fiona Pakes and director of photography Ari Wegner.

Filming of the Sammy Veall and Miranda Tapsell ads was shot by directors Hilary Badger, Jackson Harper and Shannon Crowe via Flare Productions with producer Sonia von Bibra, and director of photography/editor Sam Coates.

Sound was designed by Ralph van Dijk at Eardrum and sound engineers Paul LeCouter and Stevo Williams at Flagstaff Studios.

Animation was produced at The Jacky Winter Group and Flutter by artist Andrew Archer, director Domenico Bartolo, producers Fuchsia O’Hara and Li Liang Johnson.