Le Coq Sportif Wishes Smiles for 2015

Sports company Le Coq Sportif Australia has collaborated with Sydney agency Lavender to produce “Smile It’s 2015”, a short film designed to welcome Australia into the new year. Lani Tupu, star of Australian TV series including Home and Away, Farscape and Redfern Now, provides a voiceover to the inspirational connection between human aspiration and footwear. From the ballet girl dancing in her bedroom, to the friends running into the surf, we’re shown Australians living their lives with verve.

Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Couple

“I wish you the imagination to picture your future, and the conviction to bring it to life. I wish you a heart big enough to love beyond your wildest dreams, and the strength to forgive and to forget. I wish you the joy of unbridled passion and moments of peace. I wish you the calm of the dawn and the energy to live like there’s no tomorrow. I wish you the wisdom to recognise and respect difference because kindness and compassion cannot be seen in an instant. I wish you the motivation to move away from lazy temptations like apathy, violence, hatred, and to be constant in your pursuit of adventure, life, love, and new horizons. I wish you the courage to pick yourself up and rise to the challenge of each new day. But most of all I wish you to be yourself, confident and happy, because your happiness will light the world.”

Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Children
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Train
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Crutch
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Pool
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Road
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Child
Le Coq Sportif Smile It's 2015 - Smile

Le Coq Sportif Smile Credits

The Le Coq Sportif Wishes for 2015 spot was developed at Lavender, Sydney, by creative director Marco Eychenne, art director Lucas Jatoba, copywriter Jen Dobbie, senior account manager Kristina Dameglio. Filming was shot by directors Lucas Jatoba and Ernesto Sumarkho, director of photography Andrew Goldie, editor Etienne Ancelet, voiceover Lani Tupu, composers Tiago De Lucca and Raphael Brasil at Escuta, colorist Miles Selwyn, and sound designer Greg Crittenden at Take 2 Creative Audio.