KFC So Good Posters

KFC So Good posters from Malaysia have won the Grand Prix for Posters at the London International Awards. Malaysians have a strong love for KFC, but the brand has been facing stiff competition from newer and sexier brands. And while the price wars were getting brutal, KFC realised that they wouldn’t price-slash their way to growth. So Good is a movement to connect with Malaysians on a deeper level. It champions real ingredients, real food and the real moments that arise from them. They wanted to communicate the value in freshly prepared food, ingredients and real moments in a new and refreshing way that would reach a younger audience yet still resonate with loyalists. The brief started with a task to design posters for the brand, that would show love for KFC in a charming way. “Burger”, “Drumstick”, “French Fries” show mouths opening wide for KFC treats that look like big happy grins.

KFC So Good Burger poster

KFC So Good Drumstick poster
KFC So Good French Fries poster


The KFC So Good campaign was developed for QSR Brands at BBDO Proximity Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, by executive creative director/copywriter Tan Chee Keong, creative director/art director Carina Teo, creative director/copywriter Adam Chan, creative director Hor Yew Pong, art director/designer and illustrator Auston Low, agency producers Louie Hoo and Ang Hui Yun, head of design Anne Yong, head of client services John Teoh.

Photography was produced at Wizard Photography, Kuala Lumpur.