Jake from State Farm meets Cone Heads

State Farm is rolling out “Jake from Planet State Farm”, a Coneheads tie-in with the 2011 commercial “State of Unrest”. In the original ad Jake (Jake Stone) speaks to a couple (Justin Campbell and Caryne Shae) on the phone, mistaken by the wife for a phone sex operator. The new series brings in The Boneheads, the Saturday Night Live skit characters Beldar (Dan Aykroyd), Prymaat (Jane Curtin) and Connie (Laraine Newman). The Coneheads characters, natives of the planet Remulak debuted on Saturday Night Live in 1977, were revived in the 1993 movie, and now return in a series of pre-roll videos talking about cats, yoga and movies. Jake from State Farm (Jake Stone) has his own Twitter feed, @jakestatefarm.

State Farm Cone Heads

State Farm has released a new version of the 2011 State of Unrest commercial, disrupted slightly by what appears to be interference from outer space. The video has also been recreated using emoji chat. A series of “Double Check Your Search” pre-roll videos is associated with video searches related to cats, baby videos, movies, “How To”, and yoga. The Behind The Scenes provides glimpses of content yet to be released.

Jake from State Farm
State Farm Instagram Transmission Test

Jake from State Farm Credits

The Jake From State Farm campaign was developed at DDB Chicago by chief creative officer John Maxham, group creative directors Barry Burdiak and John Hayes, creative director Bart Culberson, art directors Chris Bruney and Andres Chacon, copywriters Nick Novich and Sean Peecock, creative directors Andrew Bloom and Nathan Monteith (online videos), director of integrated production Di Jackson, executive producer Scott Kemper, production business manager Ryan Hentsch.

Filming was shot by director Hank Perlman via Hungry Man with executive producer Kevin Byrne and line producer Thomas O’Malley.

Editors were Grant Gustafson and Aaron Kiser (online videos) at Cutters with producer Patrick Casey, and Jason MacDonald at No6 with executive producer Corina Dennison.

Visual effects were producer Filmworkers Club by executive producer Derek de Board, producer Casey Swircz, VFX supervisor Rob Churchill.

Behind the scenes was produced at Impact Entertainment by executive producer Deb Llano and creative director Patrick Yonally.